Bringing Joy Back to Kindergarten at Colonial Hills United Methodist School

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Small Class Sizes, Play-Based Curriculum, Academic Readiness

Children’s attitudes towards school are formed early in life. At Colonial Hills United Methodist School (CHUMS), we believe that the primary goal of kindergarten is to nurture a love of learning and school through purposeful play. Our approach is rooted in the origins of kindergarten, where play laid the foundation for growth and development.

At our school, we believe in the power of small class sizes, a play-based curriculum, and plenty of outdoor recess time, to provide children with invaluable opportunities for exploration, growth, and development. With a focus on outdoor play and hands-on learning, our approach nurtures not just academic skills, but also social and emotional growth.

Why Choose Play-Based Kindergarten?

  • Essential Development: Play is not just idle fun: it is the essential work of childhood! It sets the stage for deep learning and growth in children.
  • Child-Centric Learning: Our play-based curriculum empowers kids to become self-directed learners; fostering curiosity, independence, and problem-solving skills.
  • Joyful Learning Environment: With an emphasis on outdoor and imaginative play, children have the space to explore, collaborate, and enjoy the learning process.

When kindergarten was invented in Germany, over 100 years ago, it was designed with purposeful play at its heart.  The word “kindergartner” referred not to children, but the teachers who were “gardening” the children, helping them bloom and grow. At CHUMS we are bringing play and joy back to kindergarten to set your child on the path to a lifelong love of learning.

Why CHUMS Kindergarten?

Small Class Sizes
With our small class sizes, each child at CHUMS receives personalized attention and guidance, fostering a supportive learning environment where every child’s unique needs and strengths are acknowledged. The intimate setting allows for meaningful interactions, actively promotes close relationships between students and teachers, and encourages collaboration among peers.

Our Curriculum
Our play-based kindergarten curriculum is led by a certified-teacher and designed to prepare students academically and socially for 1st grade by engaging children in active learning experiences that promote creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. Through play, children learn to work with partners, engage in small group collaborations, and develop essential social skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. 

Developmentally Appropriate Approach
We understand the importance of developmentally appropriate practices in kindergarten education. Backed by decades of research in developmental psychology, we know that play is the most effective way for young children to learn, develop social skills, and regulate their emotions. 

Our curriculum integrates these findings to create a holistic educational experience that nurtures the whole child. Our aim is to support each child’s natural growth and progression, allowing them to learn at their own pace while fostering independence and self-motivation. Academic readiness for 1st grade is a priority, so academic learning at CHUMS utilizes the following curriculum. Click the individual links to learn more:

Long-Term Benefits
Just as planting a seed in well-enriched soil leads to a thriving plant, our kindergarten program sets the foundation for long-term success at school. By prioritizing play, social interaction, and hands-on learning, we are helping children build the skills and mindset needed to become independent and self-motivated learners in the future.

Experience the difference at Colonial Hills United Methodist School, where play is celebrated as the cornerstone of kindergarten education. Together, let’s create a foundation for your child to blossom and thrive in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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