A Mother’s Day Gift That Speaks Her Love Language

A few years ago my mother gave me a book that was truly an eye-opener for my marriage. You probably have heard of it: The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.

He explains that the way we show love to others is called a Love Language,” and each person is most fluent in one of these love languages. Most of the time what we may feel as lack of love from another person is actually a simple disconnect in the love language department.

According to the author, the five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

I thought it would be fun to apply Dr. Chapman’s knowledge to show love to mothers on Mother’s Day so we can all get it right!

My first recommendation would be to read the book, but since Mother’s Day is just around the corner we are going to take a little shortcut to speed things up. There is a Love Language Test you can take online to find out what your love language is. You can take the test yourself here or have your mom or a mom you want to celebrate on Mother’s Day take the short quiz.

Once the test is taken, have her share it with you so you know what her primary love language is. The results will also give you the percentage of the other love languages.

After that you can use this guide as a tool to get meaningful gifts that will speak right into mom’s heart. Or you can share your results so that others get to know you more. Here are some ideas for gifts according to each love language.

Gifts for Moms Who Like Words of Affirmation

If her primary love language is words of affirmation, it means that words spoken or written are very meaningful to her. Writing a letter can be a perfect gift for this mother. Try incorporating personal messages to gifts to appeal to her love language.

Engraved jewelry like this necklace or this bracelet I found on Etsy. You can write up to ten characters on each bead or bracelet. So messages like “I love you mom” or a more personalized quote can easily fit on them.

Custom messages on everyday items like a coffee mug or a T-shirt are another great idea. You can find a lot of ideas on shutterfly.com like this Travel tumbler or this candle that you can personalize with text.

Another unique idea can be to have the soundwave of a message engraved on a board—and you can actually listen to it.

Gifts for Moms Who Like Acts of Service

Breakfast in bed, a pile of folded laundry, or cleaning her car could mean more to this mom than getting the most expensive gift at the store. Surprise this mom with something checked off her list of things to do. You can combine the gift with something you personally do and something you pay for to get done.

Show up with her car cleaned and a prepaid carwash package.

Fold her laundry and hire a cleaning service like MaidPro San Antonio for a day.

Make a meal for her and schedule a meal service like Blue Apron, Home Chef, Hellofresh, or Dinnerly for her to try for a month.

Gifts for Moms Who Like Receiving Gifts

I think most people like receiving gifts, but it is specially important for people in which their primary love language is this. Flowers, chocolates, cards, jewelry, clothes…this is the mom most stores market to, but in order to get it right, she has to feel that you took some time in choosing something special. If you get flowers make sure they are her favorite ones, or if you get chocolates know which kind to get.

Local favorite shops like Feliz Modern, Adelante Boutique, Bless Your Heart, Penny Lane and Meadow Boutique, will surely have something unique to gift on for Mother’s Day.

Gifts for Moms Who Like Quality time

This is a mom that values spending time with people. She will value experiences over physical presents. She enjoys a good conversation, not feeling rushed, going places, good food, and just being present with the ones she loves the most.

Ideas to make her day special can be: Getting pedicures together, dinner at her favorite restaurant. A day trip to a vineyard in Fredericksburg like Grape Creek Vineyards, Pontotoc Vineyard, Becker Vineyards, or Hilmy Cellars. You can also schedule a cooking class together at Sur la Table at La Cantera or paint pottery together at Clay Casa.

Gifts for Moms Who Like Physical Touch

Can you get away with giving her a big hug and a kiss? Probably not. So, I suggest you ask what her secondary love language is and go from there. Just make sure that whatever you get her for Mother’s Day also comes with a big hug and a kiss. And if the mother you are celebrating happens to be your wife you can plan a romantic date for just the two of you.

I hope this guide was helpful not only in making sure your gift for Mother’s Day is one that will be truly appreciated, but also helped you learn about the different love languages—and how you can apply them to other relationships in your life as well.

To learn more about the Dr. Gary Chapman’s work, I’ll leave you his website and also recommend his book “The Five Love Languages for Kids. Happy Mother’s Day!

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