Where to “Gogh” for Your Next Date Night

Do you ever struggle to come up with a fun date idea? My husband and I love food, but going to dinner just gets old because it feels like our go-to date night idea. Well, for Father’s Day this year, I bought us tickets to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. Not only did the gift double as a night out for us, but the exhibit was absolutely stunning and gave us lots to chat about.

I am happy to be your guide to a successful and romantic date night by sharing some of the things I wish I knew before going.

First, the exhibit is a 34-minute video show. The video plays on a loop, and you are welcome to sit through as many showings as you like. However, I recommend planning to go for drinks and apps, or even dinner as well, and fully capitalize on that babysitter and your night out!

Second, the purpose of the exhibit is to bring the art to life by projecting it onto screens that surround the room, even on the floor. You truly feel as though you are inside the painting. For some reason, I had imagined that we would be walking around to different rooms and could browse at our own pace. Instead, plan to be stationary, either sitting on the floor or on one of the benches provided if you can find one that is open. The exhibit limits the number of tickets sold for specific time slots, so there were plenty of benches when we visited.

Next, this is definitely not something for people who are sensory sensitive. The music gets very loud, the lights go on and off, and the art moves around you. We personally loved the moving art, especially the way the creators made the water look so real. The exhibit provides ear plugs upon request, so I encourage you to get some if you are sensitive to loud music.

Overall, I would say the experience was truly beautiful. My favorite parts of the show were Van Gogh’s “Potato Eaters” and the way the candle flames and steam from the food made me feel as though I could almost smell the potatoes. My husband most enjoyed the paintings that included water and the way the scene rippled as if you were standing on the bridge and watching in person.

If you want to be transported to France for your next date night, I definitely recommend this beautifully well-done experience. Make it a French-themed evening and add a visit to Mon Chou Chou for some champagne and Mocha Pot De Creme and imagine yourselves on the streets of Paris, even for just a few hours.

A grateful San Antonio transplant that fled the midwestern winters at the first opportunity. Driven by her core values, faith, family, and knowledge, Stephanie and her husband are passionately raising their three daughters - Nikoletta (2017), Eleni (2019) and Emmelia (2022). With a husband from Greece, travel is a big part of their family life along with their Greek Orthodox identity. Stephanie has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and is a licensed teacher, school principal, and dyslexia therapist. She is also the CEO and Founder of The LD Expert, a nationwide company that brings the best academic tutoring and dyslexia intervention to schools and families through virtual instruction. Favorite Restaurant: Jets Pizza Favorite Landmark: Marriage Island Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Cascarones