Where to Board Your Pet for the Holidays

It’s almost that time of year. The holidays are approaching. I know most of us are just trying to survive this week. However, if you plan on traveling over the holidays, you need to start thinking about where to board your furry friends. Experts say if you plan on boarding your animal for Thanksgiving, you should be making reservations around Halloween. For Christmas or New Year’s, don’t wait. You should have reservations set by Thanksgiving.
One option is to have someone pet sit at your house. This can be a little pricier than boarding facilities. But there are companies who will send a trained and background checked staff member to your house so your animal won’t get homesick, such as Rover or Happy At Home.

But if your animal enjoys a little vacay of their own, here are some Alamo City Moms tested and approved facilities (in alphabetical order) in San Antonio and surrounding areas:

Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit—one location in Selma; dogs and cats.
Camp Bow Wow—four locations; dogs only.
Cowboy Kennels—one location in Olmos Park; dogs and cats.
Cyndi’s XoXo Pet Sittings—this one is a hybrid, as it offers at-home options (if you live in the far north central part of town) and boarding; all types of pets.
Hill Country Pet Ranch—one location in Boerne; dogs and cats.
K9 Country Club—one location in Bulverde; dogs only.
Lara’s Canine Solutions—one location in New Braunfels; dogs only.
Lucy’s Doggie Day Care & Spa—three locations; dogs only.
Palms Pet Resort—one location in Helotes; dogs and cats.
Pawderosa Ranch—three locations; dogs only.
PetSuites San Antonio—one location near the airport; dogs and cats.
Puppy Power Unleashed—one location near Kirby; dogs only.
Rob Cary Pet Resort—one location on the northeast side of town; dogs, cats, and birds.
Tail Waggerz Day Care and Boarding—one location near Leon Valley; dogs and cats.
Again, these are the boarding places ACM Team Members have used and recommended, not an entire list of offerings in San Antonio. If you have a favorite, add it in the comments below to share with other moms.
Also, here are some tips and tricks to consider when thinking about care options for your pet:
  • Most places have stock food for your animal (for a charge) or let you supply food from home. However, if your pet needs a special diet or medication, ask in advance if they can administer it with ease. For example, we had a diabetic dog in the family that required insulin shots. He had to be boarded at our vet’s office because of this.
  • Senior animals might require being kenneled at your vet’s office for their safety. Vet office kennels often book well in advance as well, so make plans as soon as you can.
  • Some places offer webcam-enabled kennels so you can check in on your pet. If this is important for you, ask while making your reservation. I can never find my dog, but I do like to peek in every now and then for some giggles.
  • Policies are put in place so a sick animal doesn’t pass along an illness to others. Make sure to have the latest copy of your pet’s vaccinations. Most boarding facilities typically ask for these records at least annually. Plus, ask what will happen if your pet ends up sick or hurt during their stay. Our dog has a sensitive stomach and is placed into quarantine (his own small room) when issues arise.
  • Check if the boarding facility has special holiday policies such as a holiday surcharge, minimum stay requirements, special hours, cancellation policies, etc.
  • And if you opt for grooming, be sure to get the pet bandana and cologne! It is adorable!

Happy holidays to you and your four-legged friends!

Before she had kids, Stacey would have described herself as an alternative rock lover, bibliophile, foodie and adventure seeker. She started her career working as a DJ at radio stations, then as a news reporter and somehow ended up in advertising and marketing. But now, she identifies as all of those things but in addition, she is a mom. Stacey has two boys (4 and 7) and her eldest is high-functioning Autistic. She is sensitive and aware of the challenges and opportunities moms with special needs kids have. Plus, she has two nieces (when she needs girl time) and a big old Golden Retriever named Bolt. Stacey's currently working part-time at an ad agency.