What’s In Your Bag? ~ Alvina, Bridget & Christina



So today you guys are learning a little about me by uncovering the mystery that is a woman’s bag! Yep! I am totally letting you into this forbidden secret world with a glimpse inside one of my bags. As a mom I have many bags to fit the various areas of my life.  It was hard to pick a bag, but I chose the one that is the every day bag. Here it goes:

A notebook is a must. You never know when you need to write down some important info. And my keys? Yeah… I’m kind of a key hoarder and I don’t know where most of those keys go to.

In Content

Alvina's Bag 1

The glow stick, flashlight and whistle combo are my must have items that I keep in case of an emergency. It has actually happened to me that I’m in a store with my munchkin and all the lights go out.  It was so dark I couldn’t even see where I was walking so I said nope. Never again, and since then I am prepared. Band aids and neosporin are a must when you have a kiddo because they are always getting owies.

My phone is super old and shocker I know! I don’t have Instagram and I can’t even tweet. But it does what it’s supposed to do and it makes calls. And you can check out my close up of my pressed pennies. I’m going to try to build up a collection and make them into a bracelet.

Alvina's Bag 2

So there you go! That is my bag. This doesn’t include my kiddo’s extra clothes, water shoes and towel during summer. Or the occasional book and water camera. Can you imagine my bag when my munchkin was smaller? Let’s just say ouchies on my back with all the weight! Hope this helped you know a little more about me and thanks for getting to know me!


The Bag

I bought this lavish birthday gift for myself shortly before I started dating my husband.  Like everything else in my life, it was quickly converted from designer bag to “mom bag.”  I carry it everyday because the bag itself is super lightweight.  It is amazingly durable and can hold an unbelievable amount of junk  (read: the kids’ electronics) while still conveying the “put together” stylish image of my former self.

Mini Purse

The mini-purse holds all the time basics of makeup and pens and Band-Aids. The little makeup I wear everyday is in this bag and yes, I put it on in the car during my 7 minute drive to work! I also keep a big stack of Band-Aids in here all the time so I can easily find them at the first sign of trouble.

ACMB.Bag.Post 005


Snacks and more snacks. I learned quickly that hungry kids = cranky kids. I’m guilty of this as well (ask my husband) and I never leave home without a Luna bar or Earl Gray tea bags. I’m pretty sure Miss thinks my purse is a mini-pantry. I have to be sure to pack healthy snacks with the amount of time she spends rummaging through my purse for food!
ACMB.Bag.Post 006

Coupons, Lists, and other Nerd Alert Items

If it’s not on the list, or not on my phone calendar, or not smack in front of my face, it will be forgotten these days. This stuff reflects that new reality: My trusty coupons (if they aren’t in the bag, they ain’t ever gonna get used); multiple note pads for grocery lists, Things to Do, paper for Miss to practice writing her notes in the car now that she can read and write. I always have a file folder in here (lawyer nerd alert, I know) that holds whatever important home or school papers I need to take to the office or have handy, like our family budget (that I check, and re-check in my OCD moments) or the kids’ current baseball schedule for easy reference.



I’m a momma of 3 (ages 9,3 & 1) so I ALWAYS have a diaper bag with me. Not one for the cutesy types, but not able to afford a LV one either, I have a gorgeous Petunia Pickle Bottom design.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag

The water proof, wipe clean exterior, multitude of pockets, and attached changing pad are must have features. The gender neutral (both for my minis and the hubbs and I) color is perfect and the detachable shoulder and backpack straps are convenient for people who like to wear it different ways. The hubbs prefers wearing it as a backpack and I prefer to wear it over one shoulder; when it’s not draped across our double stroller.

Here’s what we never leave home without.

Christina’s Essentials

We ALWAYS have diapers and wipes for the mini queen, purell, all natural snacks and drinks for all, maybe a couple small toys, activities or coloring supplies, and the 2 outer side pockets are big & deep enough to hold my wallet on one side & my cell in the other.

When I’m off with the kids, this never leaves my side![hr]

What type of bag do you carry?