New and Unique Sweets in San Antonio

Life is short. Eat dessert first.

When you’ve grown tired of the standard Oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, and yellow cake, it’s time to branch out. My kids approve this article, mostly because it involved exploring new and unique places for sweets. And who doesn’t like a new dessert experience?

We couldn’t sample all the new dessert spots in town—in fact, I still have a list on my phone of places to try, so you might see a Part Two to this post someday in the future. But for now, here are a few new sweet treat spots here in the Alamo City:

Duck Donuts (11703 Huebner Rd., Suite 113, San Antonio, TX 78230 | (210) 476-5500)—Imagine fresh, hot donuts decorated however you want. Imagine watching the magic before your eyes. Duck Donuts launched in Duck, North Carolina in 2006 and expanded into Texas with a store here in San Antonio earlier this year. My kids received gift cards for a free donut at a recent birthday party, so we headed over with a plan for two (TWO!) donuts. We got a half dozen. There are few things more satisfying than a warm donut coated in chocolate and bacon. But don’t worry if that’s not your thing—there are countless variations so you can create your own perfect donut.

Scooped Cookie Dough Bar (7400 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, TX 78216 [in North Star Mall] | (512) 943-2883)—Whenever I bake a batch of cookies, I have to play strong defense to keep my husband from eating the cookie dough before it is cooked. Scooped understands this. This little kiosk opened late last year, created by a San Antonio local who wanted to recreate the joy of sneaking that raw dough. They have a dozen flavors of dough (safe to eat raw!), and they serve them up like ice cream, complete with toppings of your choosing. There are even gluten-free and vegan options. I opted for an ice cream sandwich, which was a fun twist on the standard.

Savoureux Pattisserie (602 NW Loop 410, Suite 126, San Antonio, TX 78216 | (210) 541-9689)—A bakery and coffee shop where Vietnamese flavors meet classic French pastries. My daughter and I had a girls’ day out and stopped here for lunch. She devoured a turkey sandwich, and I had a shu mai sandwich. Each of their sandwiches come with a cookie or a crème puff. They also have flavored teas, including milk tea and bubble tea. And, of course, there are the pastries, including classics such as macarons, pate choux, chocolate mousse, and fruit tarts with a twist. Macaron flavors include mango and earl grey tea. Pastries include sausage bread, pork floss bread, and steam bun. They also make custom cakes for your special occasions.

Tiff’s Treats (multiple locations)—Warm, gooey cookies delivered to your door. If you haven’t discovered Tiff’s Treats yet, you are missing out. You can walk into their storefronts and pick out your favorite cookies, and you will be quite happy. But the true miracle is logging into your computer, picking and choosing your flavors, and then opening your door to a box of fresh baked goodness (and cold milk if you want). No dishes to do; no hot oven; and no worrying about burning the bottoms or not letting the centers cook. Perfect, delicious cookies. Every. Time.

Creamistry (Potranco West location: 9218 Potranco Rd., Unit 2014, San Antonio, TX 78251 | (210) 463-9205
Evans Pointe location: 21134 U.S. Hwy. 281 N, Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78258 | (210) 474-0056)—I am not a big ice cream fan. I prefer my sweets baked. But I am eternally grateful that neither Creamistry location is close to me, because otherwise I might have to change my mind on that. At Creamistry, you choose your flavor and your mixin’s and then watch the magic happen. Because the ingredients are frozen with liquid nitrogen, ice crystals don’t have time to form as they do in normal ice cream. The process happens very quickly, but the result is the creamiest, smoothest ice cream you have ever had.

Wholesome Eating, LLC (13455 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, TX 78216 | (913) 522-3098)—Gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and Keto-friendly. Wholesome Eating was created by Oyin Ajala, a local nurse and former high school teacher. Her passion is teaching and guiding people towards healthy alternatives without compromising taste. In addition to muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked goods, they have a range of gluten-free lunch options including macaroni and cheese, pizza, and spaghetti. Ajala also offers custom cakes and wedding cakes.

Where are your favorite new places for sweet treats in San Antonio? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to check them out!

Shanti is the product of recovering hippie parents. She’s a lifelong Texan, born in El Paso, with stops in Lubbock and Austin for college, before settling in San Antonio. She met her husband when she was 18. They both married and divorced other people before they realized it was meant to be. She now owns a firm with her partner in crime and together they practice family law in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Her husband works for a multi-national company making sure the cold stuff stays cold at your local HEB. They are raising twin tornadoes affectionately known as the Aliens, along with a rotating menagerie of dogs and cats. In her free time, she is involved in local nonprofits, runs, and serves proudly on the Broad Board.


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