Making Cascarones {Fun for Fiesta and Easter}

Make your own cascarones for fiesta {Confetti Eggs}

Fiesta starts this week and I can’t wait for all of the fun were going to be having this year! To get in the Fiesta spirit, we made something at home that really screams Fiesta to me… Cascarones! If you haven’t heard about them or made your own before, its quite easy and fun. Plus its cheaper than buying them at the store.

Cascarones are confetti filled eggs that you will normally spot everywhere during Fiesta in San Antonio and most definitely during Easter as well.

Here is how to make your own Cascarones:

Making cascarones {Confetti eggs}

When you are making eggs to eat or for cooking, be extra gentle of how you break them open and save the shell. I normally use a knife or a fork and poke a hole at one end to get an opening going that will be small. Let all the liquid flow out and clean out the inside of your egg shell.  After cleaning them let them dry.


Now that you have clean egg shells, decide which way you would like to decorate them. You can use markers, colors, paint, washi tape, glitter and more to get some color on the egg shells. Have fun with it and make them stand out. They will send some cheer to friends and family so make them festive! You can even stick  tissue paper on it to give it a layered look or more of a paper mache look.


Making cascarones {confetti eggs}

After you have finished designing your eggs grab some confetti or make some and stuff it inside the egg shell. I like to super stuff it so that theres plenty of fun confetti everywhere when it breaks. Some people put glitter instead but let me warn you… Yes it might look pretty or sound like fun, but unless you want to have a ton of glitter stuck on your scalp that won’t wash off, don’t do it! Stay away from the glitter!

Making cascarones {Confetti eggs}

To close the egg up you will need small squares of tissue paper and a dab of glue to close the hole.

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Now all that’s left is for you todo is to go have fun!


Did you know that they say its good look if you get a cascaron broken over your head? That sure makes it even better in my book!


Since Easter is only a week and a half away, be sure to make some extra. They will look great as gifts and especially fun inside a big Easter basket mixed in with other Easter eggs and goodies! But of course you dont need any reason for some confetti fun so enjoy!


Make your own cascarones for easter {Confetti eggs}

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  1. These are so fun! Now if only I could manage to break the shell without destroying the whole thing. Thanks for linking up with How To Tuesday!

  2. We love making cascarones. We decorate them much like you would hardboiled eggs and play with them for weeks after Fiesta and Easter. Thank you for sharing this Alvina. Great post!

  3. When we moved down we walked into a store and it was decorated for Fiesta. We had no clue what Fiesta even was! It was like someone not knowing what Christmas was and walking into a store decorated for the holiday and being COMPLETELY confused as to why they have a fat man in a red suit. I also just thought to myself the other day “All these people must of just came from a wedding! A BIG Wedding” because everyone had confetti in their hair!

  4. Love the detailed instructions! I think I may have to incorporate some eggs in my meals today! I think my girls will have fun doing this I just wonder how many eggs they will crush while decorating them.

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