Inspiration Island: Where All Kids Get to Splash

Splash pads are a Texas mama’s best friend. We all appreciate the opportunity for littles to cool off without worrying if they’ll be safe in the water. Though some parents have challenges to consider even at the splash pad. For example, a sensory processing disorder can make cold water unbearable. Also, consider that many splash pad features aren’t wheelchair accessible and many wheelchairs aren’t meant for water. 

On a mission to include all kids in the water park experience, the creators of Morgan’s Inspiration Island made it ultra-accessible to everyone. Waterproof wheelchairs are offered to guests free of charge. Not one, not two, but FIVE different splash pads offer an enjoyable experience for all. 

Admission to Inspiration Island is $13 for children ages 3–17 and $19 for adults. There is special pricing for military and seniors. Children with special needs and those under two are free of charge. Typically Inspiration Island is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. From the end of May through mid-August the hours are 11–5:00, Sunday through Thursday (closed Mondays except for holidays). After school starts, it’s only open Saturdays and Sundays. Be sure to check their calendar before going because there are occasional private events scheduled. Also, look into Twilight Hours (select Friday/Saturday evenings). You can buy tickets online anytime. It’s well worth the price because Inspiration Island is insanely adorable, your kids will have a blast, and you’re supporting an incredible cause.

Ready to get your splash on?  Here’s everything you need to know about the attractions at Inspiration Island: 

Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef is the first splash pad you’ll see when entering Inspiration Island. With an adorable ocean theme, kids can splash around a giant octopus, starfish, sea turtle, and six spouting seahorses. Rainbow Reef has warmer water to accommodate guests unable to tolerate colder temperatures. So whether it’s playing near one of the giant sea animals or at one of the water tables, everyone can enjoy Rainbow Reef. There is limited shade and seating around this area, but it’s extremely close to the lockers, restrooms, and showers. 

Will’s Hang Ten Harbor

Hang Ten captures laid-back surfer simplicity in splash pad form. The surfboard-themed area has tons of geysers and raining tiki huts. The seating area here is my personal favorite because it’s shaded and has a rainbow of colorful rocking chairs! Hang Ten is also across from restrooms and concessions at the Rusty Anchor.

Riverboat Adventure Ride

This easy-going ride allows all visitors to board a sightseeing river expedition through the jungle. Everything from waiting in line to riding in the boats is accessible for wheelchairs. My kiddos enjoyed seeing the variety of lifelike animals along the way. The ride lasts about five minutes and doesn’t involve getting wet. Children under 12, less than 42 inches, and/or with developmental disabilities must be accompanied by an adult.

Shipwreck Island

This splash pad is pirate-themed and offers all aspiring swashbucklers a treasure trove of good times. You’ll find a little of everything here from simple geysers to wheelchair-accessible water cannons to a large dump bucket. If your kiddo doesn’t love water being dumped on them, a warning is provided via timed chimes beforehand. The main ship area has a wheelchair ramp to allow all to explore. Additionally, there are two not-scary-at-all slides for little pirates to experience. The perimeter of Shipwreck Island has plentiful seating and umbrellas for shade. There are also restrooms nearby. 

Harvey’s Hideaway Bay

Hideaway Bay has a fun jungle theme complete with monkeys and a treehouse. Your adventure here will include water cannons, slides, raining trees, and a huge 200-gallon dump bucket. My kids like to listen for the chimes indicating the bucket is about to tip and lie underneath it to receive the maximum effect. If, however, dump buckets aren’t your thing, the warning chimes give you plenty of time to watch it tip from a distance (which you can do in a cabana if you’d like). For an extra fee, you can rent a cabana during your visit and have guaranteed access to shade, cushioned seats, and a ceiling fan. You can even close the curtains on the cabana for a little privacy if needed.   

Calypso Cove

This musical garden will delight guests with xylophones, drums, and, of course, water! You’ll find large raining mushrooms, sprays, and a water table area. Calypso Cove also provides lots of lily pad-shaped shade with seating for caregivers.

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