Hot Summer Fun to Stay Cool in San Antonio

Looking for ways to stay cool and entertained this summer? There’s a lot to enjoy, so don’t miss the hot summer fun in San Antonio. Enjoy the great exhibitions and new activities offered by our local museums and attractions. Play tourist in your own town, get out, explore, and stay cool at the same time.

Don’t forget:  All of our local museums offer free hours, making it easy to explore and stay cool. You can also stay cool with free movies this summer.

The Power of Poison

Wonder what was in that apple that put Snow White into such a deep sleep? Explore poison’s role in fairy tales, nature, human health, and history—as well as legends and myths—at The Witte’s summer exhibition. From creepy crawlies to flowers that are pretty but poisonous, you’ll stay cool and learn a thing or two.


Tony Parker’s Heroes and Villains

The San Antonio Museum of Art lets you explore the good guys and the evil-doers from Marvel Comics and DC comics. Life-size sculptures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Hulk are included in 41 statues from San Antonio Spurs legend Tony Parker’s personal collection. You’ll also see characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers.

Earth Matters:  Rethink the Future

The DoSeum’s summer exhibition explores the changes happening on Earth and how we can innovate solutions for a more sustainable future. Dive deep into the science behind biodiversity, climate, and carbon emissions and discover how the smallest of actions can have a big impact on the world around us. The exhibition sets the stage for a unique journey of science exploration, understanding, and action and is a great way to help kids understand how they can have a positive impact on the planet.

The Sons of Charlie Russell:  Cowboy Artists of Americachildren and a man doing motions in front of an immersive exhibit

A look at cowboys and the images that tell the stories of the West, as defined by the original Western artists that inspired today’s contemporary Cowboy artists, fills the Briscoe Western Art Museum this summer. The exhibition’s gallery guide turns your family into art investigators, showing you how to evaluate art. You can then put those skills to work evaluating works and voting for the ones you feel best fit. And for sheer fun, kids can truly step into some of the paintings on display:  an interactive shadow wall puts you in the picture. Don’t miss the museum’s Alamo diorama and mark your calendar for its annual National Day of the Cowboy celebration, a free day of fun on July 23.

Wild Fun at the Zoo

Cool off at San Antonio Zoo‘s new 4D theater as you enjoy action spilling out of the screen with thrill-enhancing sensory special effects—bubbles, snow, scent, FX lighting, mist, seat vibrations, and wind. And included in zoo admission is Planet Earth:  Deep Sea Adventures, a look at life at the bottom of the ocean.

Go Van Gogh

boy standing in front of a van gogh imageSee Vincent Van Gogh in a whole new way through creative floor-to-ceiling imagery reflecting the famous artist’s works. See Van Gogh masterworks like “The Potato Eaters,” “The Starry Night,” and “Sunflowers” in colorful projections set to music. The imagery flows across the walls and floors in a 35-minute video, and interactive elements add more fun to the experience.

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