A Love Letter to The DoSeum

This post is brought to you by The DoSeum.

I have raised my three boys from infancy in the hallways of The DoSeum, and so many joyful memories have been cemented here. A morning outside at the water tables began a curiosity of lock systems, leading us to thrilling rides on the River Walk from the Pearl specifically to experience the locks in person. Coding and spy gear became necessary play objects at home as a result of the Spy Area. Intricate hide and seek games with maps and props continued at home for days. A treehouse dream was born that led to many hours of sketching, and even clearing space in our yard where their own fort will be built in the summer.

A fascination with construction equipment would teach my children patience as they waited in line upstairs for the construction simulator. Hours have been invested in watching balls move through tunnels and a thrilling discovery was made…laying underneath the ball basket and waiting for all the balls to fall on you was enough to spend an entire afternoon in the ball pit! We acquired a 3D pen and several snap circuit sets as a result of the Dream Tomorrow Today exhibit. Many kitchen science experiments to recreate macarons in our home are due to the love they fostered for these treats here at The DoSeum.  

These are just a few examples of the many wonderful ways this institution has enriched our family life. I always believed that my children came here and learned in the most wonderful of ways, with their hands, their minds, and their intuition. Little did I know that a dyslexic diagnosis for my oldest son three years ago would confirm that the time spent here was just as important an investment in his learning as the time spent at school.

On October 10th, you launch your Fall exhibit Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage and I couldn’t be prouder. Twenty percent of those crossing the threshold of this museum have dyslexia, identified or unidentified. The DoSeum’s platform has enriched so many learners in our community, and this exhibit can begin the movement to educate the community, inspire children who struggle at school, and empower their families. Just like other DoSeum exhibits, the programming and potential for community and professional education is limitless. It will change the narrative for these students with so much potential, so they succeed in school instead of giving up on their education. Family members and educators will have a resource to begin identifying and learning about the support needs of a dyslexic student. The DoSeum’s platform has already enriched so many learners in our community, and this exhibit will continue that mission by beginning a movement to educate the community while inspiring and empowering children and their families who struggle with school.  

Thank you for partnering and offering Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage to our community.  I stand with you in celebrating how we all learn differently. 

With Much Gratitude,

Jasmin Dean – Dyslexia Advocate


Jasmin Dean is the co-founder and Executive Director of Celebrate Dyslexia, where the mission is to foster a community that celebrates, educates, and empowers the 1 in 5 with dyslexia. Proud to call San Antonio home, she and her husband are raising their three boys to love this city and enjoy all the adventures that come with exploring all of its gems.

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