Overnight Camp: What If They Get Homesick? Advice from T Bar M Camps

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Homesickness is one of the top things parents and kids worry about prior to their first experience with overnight camp, but overcoming it often proves to be one of the more empowering experiences a child can have.

They will develop resilience.

It’s inevitable: in spending their first week away from home and in a new environment, your child will encounter homesickness to some degree. Homesickness is more than just a longing for home; it is a fear of the unknown and uncertainty. And while these feelings might be uncomfortable, they are a part of life.

“Homesickness is more than just a longing for home; it is a fear of the unknown and uncertainty.”

At T Bar M Camps, kids are exposed to life-shaping opportunities that stretch and grow campers outside of what they know. In a week at camp, children learn to embrace a new environment with new people and experiences. Coping with each step of unfamiliarity within this safe place and among trusted relationships prepares campers to overcome discomfort with the unknown. Their self-esteem grows, and they take greater strides toward independence.


They will emerge with confidence.

Sleeping away from home and overcoming homesickness fuel a string of small triumphs that help to grow a child’s confidence through camp.

“Coping with each step of unfamiliarity…prepares campers to overcome discomfort with the unknown.”

Immersed in the energetic camp atmosphere, outdoors and unplugged, campers engage with a fun, silly, and playful side of themselves many have never before experienced. While camp activity provides exercise that stretches growing bodies, it also encourages campers to take new risks and try new things. As campers face their fears on the ropes course or learn how to throw a football, they not only develop a new skill, but also grow a little taller on the inside.

When kids hurdle into a setting like this, away from their world of familiarity, a new sense of self emerges. Within the power of play, children embrace a sureness of themselves to be free in their own skin.

They will build independence.

Experiencing an action-packed week away from home, a camper’s level of responsibility is stretched as they follow a rigid routine, keeping up with their belongings and personal hygiene. In the simple tasks of brushing their teeth or remembering to hang a towel to dry, campers gain a sense of ownership. As children embrace these little daily responsibilities, they rise beyond their own expectations of who they are and learn self-care without even realizing it.

“Within the power of play, children embrace a sureness of themselves to be free in their own skin.”

When children learn responsibility for themselves, they become better decision makers, weighing options and planning their own courses of action.

Camp provides a rare opportunity to set kids out on a safe path where they can choose to explore a new world in unexpected ways.

Ready for camp?

T Bar M Camps fosters safe and authentic camp experiences with endless opportunities for developmental strides. Camp is one of the most lasting, rewarding experiences parents can give their children. T Bar M Camps builds self-esteem and gives kids a sense of independence all while growing their faith.

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