Seven Reasons Why San Antonio Moms Love Costco and You Need a Costco Membership

This post is sponsored by Costco. Our love for all things Kirkland is pure and all of the opinions included are the authors or real-life San Antonio moms.

I could write an ode to all the ways I love Costco – and I’m not alone. It’s a topic of conversation that seems to elicit an immediate reaction in just about anyone who’s stepped foot in one of the warehouses. And why shouldn’t it? It’s a beacon of optimism, housing many of our favorite brands and items. We asked our community group what their favorite things about Costco were and the responses were enthusiastic! Personally, my favorite thing to stock up on is Topo Chico.

putting topochico into a cart at costco

If you don’t already have a Costco Membership, let this list be your guide to the good stuff on your first visit – and if you have one hopefully you’ll see something new-to-you! (Plus there is a special online-only membership promotion at the end of the post for new AND renewing members!)

shopping for produce at costco

Organic Produce

Costco carries a HUGE variety of produce (sometimes seasonal treasures like figs and persimmons) and many of the options are organic. When trying to stick to a budget, buying organic can sometimes be a challenge. Costco makes it easy to find quality, organic produce locally.

sampl station set up at costco

So Many Samples

It’s not hard to talk the family into a Costco trip because there seems to always be a sample around the next corner. We’ve been reminded of old favorites, tried new brands, and even tried things we never would have thought to try! It’s hard to make the decision to purchase a large quantity of something you aren’t sure your family will like/eat/use. Samples to the rescue.

diapers ad wipes at costco

Diapers and Wipes

In truth, these should each get their own spot on the list but dang we know some moms who can wax poetic about their love for Kirkland Signature diaper and wipes. Any parent who has diapered a child knows that you need a diaper that is soft, leak-proof, and gentle on the skin without taking out a loan – moms in our community group told us over and over that hands down Kirkland Signature diapers and wipes meet all of their criteria AND budget.

Quick Freezer Meals

Whether you’re feeding the family on a Tuesday night filled with afterschool activities or entertaining a crowd, the ready-made freezer meals are our go-to choice for easy, healthy and tasty options. My personal favorite is the Costco lasagna but there are so many choices. The frozen pizzas are also awesome to have on hand for a no-cook-eat-at-home night.

over the counter allergy medication at costcoOver the Counter Meds

While the pharmacy is great and a definite benefit to a Costco membership we almost feel like we’re stealing the over the counter medications – especially allergy meds (helloooo South Texas pollen!). The Kirkland Signature versions of adult and kid allergy medicines are not only of the same high quality you’d expect but are less expensive for a whole year than a couple of month’s worth of brand name at a regular store.

Gluten-Free Options

Even with the increasing demand for gluten-free options, it doesn’t seem that most grocery stores (or stores with grocery sections, as it may be) have many options or offer new options. friends and moms in our community group say that Costco consistently has new, yummy, and plentiful options for gluten-free eating.

Amazing Customer Service

There aren’t many places left to shop where every team member is friendly, helpful and will go out of their way to make sure you get/find/have what you need. Costco team members are all of that and more – from the butcher answering questions about meat to efficient checkers and insanely well-packed boxes to transfer to the car – the team is so great and makes shopping a pleasant experience. Not happy with something you purchased? The Customer Service team (and the really great return policies) takes the sting out of a less than perfect experience or when something just doesn’t work out for you.

Ready to be a Member (or Renew)?

There are several Costco stores in the greater San Antonio area making them easy to get to from any corner of the city and surrounding areas. In addition to Topo Chico and toilet paper for days, Costco stores also offer Pharmacy, Optical, Hearing Aid, Photo Center, and Costco Travel services. Plus, they work with select service providers for things like auto and home insurance, the Costco Auto Program, water delivery, check and printing, and more – you can knock out SO many errand stops.

New Membership Special*:

New Costco members receive a $30 Costco Shop Card with this special online Costco Membership promotion. FYI – this new member promotion is only valid through Jan. 28, 2020 and for new members who sign up and enroll in auto-renewal. (You have some extra time to visit your local Costco, don’t worry!)

Current/Renewing Member Special:

We couldn’t leave our fellow diehards out of the deal! Sign up for auto-renewal at your favorite Costco, and get an etched Costco tumbler Jan. 16 – 19, 2020, while supplies last.

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*The fine print: To qualify for promotional incentives, you must agree to auto-renewal of your Costco membership on a Visa card at the time of sign-up. If you elect not to sign up for auto-renewal, incentives will not be mailed.

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