Poetic Republic Coffee

As the fall weather finally blows in, are you looking for that perfect warm-up? Are you a bit tired of those four buck pumpkin drive-thru lines? Want to sit a spell and enjoy your coffee or tea? Maybe even read a book?! If you’re like me and still recovering from the pandemic, after staying home, too much cooking, way too much cleaning, and possibly a bit too much togetherness—sometimes you need to get out. Anywhere. Sit awhile. See somewhere else. Other spaces. Different sounds. And the people watching… How did we go so long without seeing other humans?

I love finding new local coffee spots. It reminds me of college in Austin. I may not need to study as much as I used to, but I DEFINITELY need caffeine. This witch and her little monsters all know that a day without coffee is a horror film nobody survives, and there’s no magic spell like some well-roasted coffee beans. The espresso pull at Poetic Republic Coffee was perfect and the atmosphere was even better. I will be taking friends back to this south of downtown spot!

PRC opened two years ago and survived the pandemic with online ordering, window service, and sidewalk tables. Now they’re fully open and thriving! So much so, they’re expanding into the space next door for evening wine. Need the perfect meeting space? Come early and often. Owner Brenda enjoys chatting with customers and barista Marcela knows her coffee. They treated me to the most divine Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte. The hot beverage was delicious and beautifully crafted—not too sweet. You could taste the cinnamon without being overwhelmed, and the brown sugar tasted like every comfort meal I’m dreaming about cooking soon. But this coffee was so good, I may have licked the rim a few times. Bites from your favorite local bakeries are also available. Some menu highlights are below, but classic drip is also available.

Clientele: It was a bustling crowd in and out, some popping in after yoga or a bike ride down the River Walk. Others staying a while for interviews or foundation talk. Either way, the customers all seemed to wave goodbye like they knew the joint well. All good signs of a quality business. Even some college students hung out for a bit, so the affordability factor is there. A steady stream of caffeinaters came and went during the two hours I read in the corner…

Atmosphere: An aphorism for the perfect morning: slow jams ambient; chitchat; a barista calling ready drinks in the most melodic way; bright, airy white walls and warm wood accents; classic tile and thriving hanging plants. The chicest, gold floral wallpapered WC was roomier than expected. The tidiest space—all wrapped up in the coolest, retro strip center where you can pop down to the barber, art gallery, bourgeoning plant shop, tax and notary, even grab a new tattoo!

Location: South Presa, Roosevelt Park community, just down from Confluence Park if you want to hike before you caffeinate. The perfect pop-in for all you Southtowners and King Williamites. You might have to pop in, as every seat was taken inside and orders were streaming out to the sidewalk patio—which was saying something because the traffic on South Presa seemed nonexistent.

Their wonderous sticky note window oftentimes inspires their lovely blog.

After the rush of back to school has finally settled down, all I needed was a few hours to sip warm coffee and read a slow book. Trying to do nothing, while enjoying something truly unique in our vibrant city. Remember when you used to study in college at coffee spots?! You can still do that! I even met a fellow writer who was enjoying his espresso and writing time. Coffee: writer’s fuel, indeed! My corner spot was really hard to leave…


On my way out the door—back to reality—it was the perfect ending… two stroller striders popped in for a drip. If the moms approve, we’re in the right place—am I right?!

2330 S Presa St.
San Antonio, TX  78210
(210) 900-2772

Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

Saturday, 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Sunday, 8:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.


Born in Germany to two true Southerners traveling the world thanks to the USAF, she went to 5 different elementary schools before calling Texas home. She was an NCAA Student Athlete, before transferring and graduating from UT Austin, BSME'08 TEXAS FIGHT! She took a victory lap for her Master's in engineering education with her ChemE husband (aka OSHA Dad) before traveling again for consulting. Missing TX and a teaching job brought her back to family in San Antone before three little longhorns were born! Kristen loves to travel, teach, and feed her family. Together with her loud and crazy family, she has two rescue kitties, one aussie, and a beta fish. Fav SA Restaurant: Panaderia Fav SA Tradition: Chispas Fav SA Landmark: Landbridge