Saving Dinero with HEB Digital Coupons

I am ALWAYS looking for ways to save a buck or two (or $25.22—see below!) on groceries, especially since I am often feeding a family of six, including two ravenous teenage boys. I’ll sheepishly admit I get an adrenaline rush during that last moment at checkout when the HEB checker tells me how much money I saved today. I’ve noticed that number has only increased since I started using HEB digital coupons.

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Are you using digital coupons yet? If you’re not, you should! It takes just a little time and planning, and you’ll save on lots of stuff that I promise is already on your grocery list—household essentials like bread, eggs, butter and sugar. Here’s what you need to do:

Download the HEB Mobile app on your smartphone and set up your account. Make sure you sign up for digital coupons, which you set up with your mobile number and a PIN.

Either from your phone or at the online website, click on “Coupons” and select the ones you want from the All Coupons tab. These items will now populate in your “Selected” tab. They will disappear when you’ve purchased the item or when each item’s expiration date passes.

After you’ve grocery shopped, make sure to select “Use Digital Coupons” as your first step at checkout. You’ll enter your mobile number and PIN, and the savings will automatically and magically apply to your purchases.

Recently, I’ve started planning my grocery shopping and meal planning around my HEB weekly ad flyer and my selected digital coupons that are currently available to me. It has taken a little work and planning, but it has made for many successful Sunday shopping trips. I organize my standard grocery list by section and aisle of the HEB where I most frequently shop. On a recent trip to the store, I made notes of the various aisles and added them to my shopping list template. (For example, Aisle 1 is Chips, Soda, Salty Snacks.) As I prepare my list, I go through my selected digital coupons on my PC, “cut” the ones I want to use, “paste” them under the aisle where the item is located in my store, and change the font to red, so that when I’m shopping I can easily tell when an item I’m looking for is on my selected digital coupons list. Then I go through the weekly ad flyer and add specials, the weekly Meal Deal, and any Combos Locos that will work for my family so that I’m on the lookout for in store coupons and deals when I arrive at the store. Finally, I pencil in the pantry items I need to replenish.


After you check out and when you look at your receipt, you’ll be able to see how much money you saved, and the items to which a digital coupon was applied will have a little “DC” next to them:

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Be aware that each digital coupon usually only applies to a particular size of product (often the largest size, but not always). So by cutting and pasting the exact description of the coupon to your shopping list, you’re sure to purchase the exact item that corresponds with the digital coupon. Sorting by aisle is also helpful, because your electronic digital coupon list will be a mix of products found all over the store, making it hard to remember what coupons you have and where they are located. With digital coupons, I’ve tried some new products that I might not have otherwise picked up, and I’ve even scored a few freebies.

The HEB website and app have lots of other fun and helpful features, but digital coupons are the clear winner in my book. Here’s a screenshot from my HEB App on my phone. I’ve saved $56.51 since I’ve started using it!

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A few days ago I declared myself a Digital Coupons Ninja to my sister. She asked me how much I saved, and it turned out that she saved even more than I did. You can be a Digital Coupons Ninja, too!

***This is not a sponsored post. These are my own opinions and I spend my own hard-earned money at HEB.

Kelly lives in Terrell Hills and is a full-time working mom of 4 in a never-a-dull-moment blended family. Her twin stepsons, Eric & Grant, are high school juniors. Her daughters, Eleanor and Sadie, are in junior high and elementary school. She and her husband, Ryan, are both attorneys. When she is not working and "air-traffic controlling" her busy brood, she and her family enjoy exploring San Antonio and the surrounding area.