Guide to Fun for Little Ones at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas has fun fest written all over it, unless you’re a mom with triplet six-month-olds, a triple stroller, and three giant diaper bags. In that case, Fiesta Texas would be spelled H-E-L-L. If that’s not you, but you’re still not sure if Fiesta Texas is a good fit for your family, never fear, help is here! 

Just call me your handy-dandy Six Flags guide for the day. I have been trotting all over the theme park this year with my membership pass in one hand and my four-year-old tightly gripping the other one. 

Ready for fun! And for Mommy to start carrying her in 3…2…1..

We know the ins and outs of the height requirements, the best family rides, what to bring, and what not to do! 

For starters, what exactly is a membership? I’m so glad you asked! For San Antonio locals, it’s a great alternative to a season pass. You can go anytime all year, plus enjoy the perks of free parking, bring-a-friend-for-free days, and lots of coupons for food and merchandise. That all comes out to about $28 a month (this is an estimate for a family of four). 

Rides and Height Requirements

I have been very happy to discover that Fiesta Texas does have a lot of activities for five-year-olds and under—or, should I say, 36″ and under. You just need to know where to go, and for goodness sake, map out your day and minimize your walking, because Fiesta Texas is enormous. 
Here is what you need to know about the rides and their height requirements…
Kids under 36″ can enjoy: 
  • Whistle Stop (aka: the train)*—a magical locomotive tour of downtown Fiesta Texas, with stations in both Crackaxle Canyon and Spassburg
  • The kiddie pools and lazy river*—perfect for kiddos looking to splash and play, located in the Water Park
  • Splish Splash Zone—fun, wet playground for the littles to get their energy out, located in Kidzopolis
  • Krazy Kars*—a breezy drive through the heart of Kidzopolis on colorful Jeepsters
  • Foghorn Leghorn’s Barnyard Railway*—a junior-sized train for the tiniest conductors, located in Crackaxle Canyon
  • Up, Up & Away*—a tree-level spin through the sky on a piece of flying fruit, located in Kidzopolis
  • Crows Nest* (Ferris wheel)—take a break from walking around the park with spectacular views of the whole city, located in Fiesta Bay Boardwalk
  • Amerigoround*—an old-fashioned carousel in Rockville
  • Daffy’s School Bus Express*—a mini-school bus that soars through the air, located in Rockville
  • Yosemite Sam’s Wacky Wagon*—a mini-Ferris wheel that the kiddos will love, located in Crackaxle Canyon in front of the Iron Rattler
  • Taz’s Tornado*—a tyke-sized spinning bench ride, located in Rockville
  • Kinderstein*—a junior teacup twirler for spinning ride lovers of every size, located in Spassburg
*with an adult 
Handy tip: Only one adult or person over 54″ can accompany a child on these rides, so parents will have to take turns. This limits rides that the whole family can enjoy together, but all heights are allowed on these rides:
  • Whistle Stop (aka: the train)
  • Scooby-doo Ghostblasters—an interactive adventure through a spooky, Scooby-themed mansion, located in Fiesta Bay Boardwalk
  • Amerigoround
  • Pools in the Water Park
  • Kiddie Koaster—a junior roller coaster perfect for little daredevils, located in Kidzopolis
If the smallest child meets the 36″ height requirement, the family can also enjoy these rides together:
  • Bugs’ White Water Rapids—a log-style ride with a little bit of roller coaster flair, located in Spassburg (hint: you will get wet!)
  • Spinsanity—a fun, modern adaptation of the traditional Tilt-a-World, located in Fiesta Bay Boardwalk
  • Gully Washer—an authentic whitewater river rafting experience through Crackaxle Canyon that the whole family can enjoy, as long as no one minds getting soaked!
  • Wave Runner—whirl and twirl until you can’t walk straight on this carnival-style classic, located in Fiesta Bay Boardwalk
  • Hustler—a teacup-style spin-a-thon inside giant pool balls, located in Rockville
  • Zoom Jets—propeller planes that lift of the ground and fly through the clouds, located in Kidzopolis
fiesta texas
My daughters favorite “dizzy” ride
These are my favorite rides to enjoy with my daughter, because they are fun for both of us. I will give a little dizzy warning for Spinsanity and Hustler. My daughter never has a problem with it, but I sometimes end up feeling a little disoriented or nauseous. Also, there is a pretty good drop on Bugs’ White Water Rapids—or as my daughter says, “a big tummy flip.”
The whole family can also attend shows together. We have been to a couple parades, firework shows, and the holiday light shows. They are really fun! Also, as someone who dreads large crowds, I can say that Fiesta Texas manages large groups very well. It’s never been too overwhelming for us.  
As for the remainder of the rides, there are a handful with a height requirement of 54″, and some that require riders to be 48″–52″. You can find the entire list on the Fiesta Texas website
My game plan when I arrive is to walk straight to the family rides that are the farthest back, which is the Scooby-Doo ride on the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk. Then we gradually “ride” our way to the front, and end the day close to the parking lot.
fiesta texas

What to Bring

Fiesta Texas only allows in food for special diet restrictions or baby food. However, they have always allowed me to bring snacks in my backpack. I always freeze a couple of water bottles the night before and keep those in my bag, too. They have water fountains where you can refill the bottles, or you can purchase a cold water bottle for $2.00–$3.50 in the park. I try to minimize the amount of walking we do as much as possible, so I keep non-perishable snacks in my bag. However, if you’re packing a lunch for the whole family, you can leave your cooler in the car and have lunch in the parking lot or at one of the picnic tables. 
I’ve seen many moms bring large strollers into the park. It’s never a problem to park the stroller outside of a ride. If you’re slightly paranoid about someone taking off with your stroller (like me!), I recommend a $25 pop-up stroller to push the littles around, or you can rent a stroller at Fiesta Texas. Either way, a stroller is a good choice if you’re taking on the park with some wee ones, as there will be a LOT of walking! 
Pro tip: On most of the family rides listed above (yes, even the water rides!), you are not allowed to leave your bags waiting for you; you must take them on the ride. If you’re going on The Gully Washer or Bugs’ White Water Rapids, chances are, your bag will get wet. Try to waterproof your bag and all its contents.
fiesta texas guidlines
I always pack the same things for a trip to Fiesta Texas. Here’s what I make sure to bring in my bag:
  • My ID, membership cards, and debit card in a waterproof wallet
  • My phone in a waterproof case
  • Change of clothes for my daughter, tightly wrapped in a plastic bag to keep them dry (and to put wet clothes into)
  • Sunscreen
  • Two frozen water bottles (in our Texas summer heat, they don’t stay frozen long!)
  • Hand sanitizer (germ-a-phobe over here!)
  • Fruit leather, jerky, and trail mix in plastic baggies

fiesta texas tips


The Water Park

You can rent a locker inside the water park. l recommend wearing your swimsuit under your clothes, so you can avoid a line for the changing room.
If you’re a membership holder, it’s easiest to plan water park days separate from the rest of the rides.
Aqua socks are allowed, except on body slides. In the summer, the pavement gets pretty hot, so I recommend foot protection.
Parents cannot ride down water slides on the kiddie playscape. I’m sure this is for your child’s safety. However, if your child is not a strong swimmer, definitely take advantage of the free life vest inside the park! Your child will land in a pool at the end of the slide. 
There are separate lines for water tubes and water rides, so be armed with lots of patience! 

Bonus Tips

Some of the lines for popular rides can get pretty long. Keep the fun going with some interactive games on your phone. I love “HeadsUp.” You can also pack waterproof playing cards or even fidget spinners! 
Studio 6F Coffee Bar is a coffee shop tucked away in Spassburg. It took me three trips before I found it, and it’s not listed on the dining options. Yes, they offer iced coffees too! 

I hope this helps your family have the best day at Fiesta Texas! If I left anything out, I’m happy to answer questions in the comments. Remember to stay hydrated and use sunscreen, and when you end up carrying your four-year-old around all day, may the force be with you!

I was born and raised in Houston, but I got to S.A. as fast as I could. I'm staying here for the tacos, the parades, the hill country, and the caring people. This city only has cedar fever to keep us from being too perfect. I'm momma to a strong willed girl, an adventure loving boy, and a rescue mutt. Wifey to a man working in the oil field. Don't mistake me for Laura Ingalls, but I do love homeschooling, baking, candle making, nature exploring, coffee sipping, and photo taking. Favorite Restaurant: Bird Bakery (cake and pies, duh!) Favorite Landmark: Hemisfair Park Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Cascarones


  1. What a great article filled with useful advice! I will use everything you shared to prepare for my.trip to Fiesta Texas. Your nom-FiestaTexas specific advice is applicable to all theme.parks too. Thank you!

  2. Did you mention a baby care center for nursing? It shows a baby care center on the park map. But not sure if you can nurse in there.

  3. We’re heading there next week with two teens and two toddlers. Any tips for pleasing both demographics without having to split up too often?

    • Hi Martin!
      It’s tricky to spend the whole day together if the older ones want to ride the big coasters! I would plan on checking out the family rides listed in this article first. Enjoy lunch together and few rounds in the lazy river, then maybe catch a show together at the end of the day! I believe they are still doing a firework show every night. I hope ya’ll have fun!

  4. This is amaze-balls! Haha. Thank you so, so much! I have a 2-year-old and never know what to expect at big parks or if she’ll even be able to enjoy it for the price. I wouldn’t have expected some of these tips, like having to take your bags with you, even on water rides. :\ This is huuuugely helpful! Thank you!

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