Fiesta® at the Door: Making My Own Fiesta Ribbon Wreath

I remember when I first moved to San Antonio and I saw beautiful, colorful wreaths on homes all over town. I was living in an apartment near Downtown at the time and had little idea what Fiesta® even was. Now, years later, I decided I wanted to make one of those Fiesta wreaths for my own front door. Technically I now lead a suburban life, but I’m living the San Antonio life in my heart! I’m not Martha Stewart, but I wanted to add a little piece of Fiesta to each day of April. And I didn’t want to pay an arm and leg to get that.

I headed out to buy a metal wreath form at my local box store. It was under $5. I had a ton of ribbon already from craft projects that I had envisioned doing at some point. But I wanted a load of ribbons, so I threw some additional brightly colored satin ribbons in my shopping cart. They were about $3 a piece. I checked out the fake flower aisle and decided on some bright flowers on clearance for $2.99. I also bought burlap in various colors as the base to cover the wreath form. This was $8. I spent about $30 total on my supplies.

When I got home I assembled everything and decided to add in some brightly colored plastic Easter eggs and a few beaded strings that I found lying around my house. Use what you’ve got! Next I went hunting for my little glue gun. I (eventually) found it under the kitchen sink, dusted it off, and was ready to go.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how I created my Fiesta wreath:

  1. I wrapped the wreath form with the burlap. I overlapped it and glued the heck out of it. This part wasn’t pretty, but I needed that burlap to stay put!
  2. To make sure the burlap was secure, I wrapped one of the ribbons around it and tied the ribbon at different points on the wreath. Again, I’m no Martha Stewart, but I tried to make this look decent. I evenly spaced the ribbon around the wreath and tied it at the back.
  3. Next, I added the flowers and plastic Easter eggs. I positioned them on the wreath to see how it would look before securing them with hot glue. I added these to the top and sides and left the bottom empty.
  4. For the bottom, I went to town with ribbons. I wanted the ribbons to look full and colorful, so I added as many as I could. My ribbons were not very wide, but that was by design. I wanted many, many colors. I also cut a few Mardi Gras-style bead necklaces and added them in. This added a different texture, shine, and color to the mix. I wanted the ribbons to flow in the wind so I left them long and tied them in the back. After tying them, I went back over the knots with that handy glue gun.

I really enjoyed creating my Fiesta wreath. I may not do another craft for another few years, but this one made me smile. It’s colorful and makes me feel connected to San Antonio. Of course, it also gives off that fun Fiesta vibe. I couldn’t be happier that I finally have an iconic San Antonio Fiesta wreath like those I first saw when I moved here. ¡Viva Fiesta! ¡Viva San Antonio!