New Kid Friendly Restaurant: Blanco BBQ

A New Option In Town!

Off Blanco Rd, just North of Hardberger Park, is a new family friendly BBQ restaurant called Blanco BBQ. This building has been five different places over the last ten years, so we decided to give this new place a few months before we tried it out, thinking it would be closed before we got around to it. After our first visit with our kids, I think this place has what it takes to last!

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The parking lot was full when we pulled in around 12 on Sunday, however the inside was enormous and there was hardly any line where you place your order. Not knowing what was tasty, we purchased a pound of brisket, turkey and sausage along with three small sides to share with the four out of five of us, that have teeth. Our total bill for all of this was under $34.

What stood out to me upon walking in was how clean and big the inside was. Nice picnic tables filled up the large room and there was live music being played by a gentleman with a guitar which was fun to see on a Sunday afternoon in a family friendly environment.

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There Is A Play Area For Kids!

My kids quickly spotted the play scape outside and I felt comfortable allowing my older ones to run out ahead of us to explore. While the backyard area is not as big, say as BIGZ Burgers, there is plenty for them to play with while the adults visit after eating. I noticed the fencing seemed secure and I didn’t have to worry about my young children wandering off. We opted for one of the covered picnic areas next to the play scape, which I thought was a nice touch.

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In addition to the five picnic tables around the play scape, there were several tables outdoors on the back porch.  I did notice that there was not much shade over that area so hopefully in the future they will invest in a nice covering, if needed.


The Food

My husband and I both agreed that the brisket, by far, was the best out of the three meats we tried. It was very moist and flavorful. My favorite BBQ turkey is from Rudy’s so I had high expectations however that day’s turkey at Blanco BBQ was just a tad dry for my liking. Next time I will ask to sample it before I decide what to order. The sausage was average and as far as the sides, we all loved the mac n’ cheese, beans and creamed corn therefore I recommend them all!


As we were finishing up eating, a gentleman (who I later found out was the owner of Blanco BBQ) opened a gate and a golf cart drove up with an enormous tortoise for all to see and pet. The owner told me that he and his wife have many large animals that they bring to the restaurant to share with the public. I thought that a pretty unique touch.


In addition, I noticed that they serve breakfast according to the large banners hanging outside, have a drive through and a bar with a good selection of beer and wines.


**I was not compensated for this review in any way, shape or form. Rather, I thought other fellow San Antonio Mom’s would want to know of a good family friendly restaurant option in town.**


13259 Blanco Road
(210) 251- 2602[hr]

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  1. Big fan of Blanco BBQ! The last time we were there, it was still toasty out so can’t wait to go back with these great fall temps we’re having.

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