Easy and Spooky Spider Halloween Decorations

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Halloween seems like the official kickoff to the “season of decorating.” Starting with the spookiness of Halloween through the warmth of Thanksgiving, culminating with the festiveness of Christmas and New Year’s, and stretching into the sweetness of Valentine’s Day, there is a LOT of decorating going on in the next few months, which drains your time, energy, and resources. This easy and spooky Halloween front porch makeover is cost effective and doesn’t take more than a couple of hours. 


This whole design (if you can even call it that!) starts with a bag of good ol’ faux spider web. The trick with this stuff is to layer, layer, and layer some more. Use temporary hooks, nails, or push pins to secure the web to places where it can easily stretch but in which there is no good anchor point. Corner to corner, ceiling to floor, the webbing took the better part of my time decorating (which I had to complete in bursts, thanks to the rain and mosquito swarms!). 

[easy-image-collage id=62010]

If the spiders are the central element, then everything after that should help support the spiders. A spider web fireplace mantle cover makes a perfect accent draped on the top of the door, and a simple foam wreath form wrapped in black and white ribbon is a great spot for a giant black widow to hide. 

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A single bag of plastic spiders goes a long way for creep factor, but two bags makes for an infestation, especially when half of those spiders are crawling along the wall and door. Cut Command Strip hook-and-loop fasteners (they come in black) to attach the spiders to the wall. Be sure to match the right “stickiness” to your wall type for easy removal. Scatter the remaining unattached spiders throughout the web, among plants, and on top of other accessories. 

Have you seen those bags of “scary” fabric and wondered what to do with them? A bag of grey fabric cut into long strips added a layer of spooky to the front door by simply draping and hanging it from the hooks the black drape dangles from. I added some to the wreath, and I draped even more over the plants and lanterns. A bag of black netted fabric helps to camouflage a plant stand and an overturned pot and make them Halloween perfect. 

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Finished off with some lanterns and pumpkins, the porch is looking Halloween ready! 

The final touch, though, is the giant hairy spider perched just outside the porch, waiting for the mailman to drop off her next meal… To hang the giant spider, I used a brick clip from the hardware store (they’re usually by the other wall hangers and anchors, NOT in the masonry section). To take your porch to over-the-top status, add a “spider web” light, replace your porch bulb with a creepy purple bulb, and add fog!

To see the finishing touches and a nighttime view, watch below: 

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