Make Every Day Like Valentine’s Day

every day valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is here and the cards are being given out, candy and chocolate eaten. Today I stopped and thought of a movie. I thought about A Muppet Christmas Carol. Yes a Christmas movie. Why? I thought about how Scrooge learned to make every day like Christmas. He learned to keep the spirit alive by helping others, being loving and friendly and more.

So then I thought about how Valentine’s Day is a lot like Christmas. People make sure to celebrate their love and spread that message to others. But after? What about after Valentine’s Day? What are we doing to keep the spirit of showing our love each and every day? How are we celebrating this love? Do we really need a special occasion to shower our loved ones with kindness?


We should make every day a day of Love. So I thought of small ways you can show your love to friends and family not just today, but every day. Here you go:

1. Small notes. Tuck happy and loving notes for your loved ones to find in their lunch or pockets and bags. Somewhere it will be a happy surprise and brighten their day to know that you are thinking of them.

2. Family dinners. Yes, family meals are a great time to cook family favorites to share and show each other love. Why not give family members who need it most a special meal and day based on their favorite dishes?

3. Help around the house. Think about going out of your way to help someone with little odd jobs that aren’t a huge deal, but can take a lot of time. Why not do a chore for someone who really needs it? This unexpected act of kindness will be greatly appreciated, and think about leaving a note saying to take some extra time for themselves now that you have taken something off of their plate.

4. Hugs. Easy enough, right? I can’t say this enough. Hugs can cure the world. Give your loved ones a hug. I know that sometimes I really need a hug and won’t ask for one. But then as soon as my kiddo wraps his arms around me I melt into them and don’t want to let go because I really needed one. Hugs are a perfect way to tell someone without words that you are there for them.

5. Small outings. Make a plan to take your kids or loved ones to one of their favorite fun places. It could be a restaurant, a play place, a playground, anywhere! Better yet, surprise them. My kiddo loves going to Target. He gets a pretzel and drink and he is set! But, of course, for him a trip to the park is a gift. He can run around under the sun for hours.

Overall it’s the little things. Like a small treat after dinner or a favorite movie day. Just find the simple things in life that make your loved ones happy and that don’t have to cost anything. Remember that love is an everyday thing and not just meant to be celebrated during holidays. Shower your family with love and every day will be Valentine’s Day!

Alvina is a born and raised San Antonio mom. She has a 4 year old boy who is her world and is an animal lover with a dog and cats at home. She loves to craft, thrift, cook and explore her city with her munchkin. You will normally spot her with more than one camera at a time because she is in love with photography! She blogs about San Antonio life, events, parenting, crafts and more on her blog There’s Magic Out There. She also makes kids crafts & activities over at Gummy She is obsessed with pinterest and you can also find her on twitter. Stop by and say hi!


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