Social Distance Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays to celebrate. Not only is it inundated with my favorite color (give me all the pink!) but it’s a dedicated day to show my friends and family how much I love them in a fun and silly way. Even if you’re not decorating for Valentine’s Day at the end of January like me, here are some fun and social distance friendly ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021.

  1. Valentine Cookie/Sweet Swap

    Traditionally cookie swaps are a Christmas thing, but why not Valentine’s? With class parties being iffy, it’s a really great way to get your quarateam together for some sweet fun. Decide on how many participants you’ll have (i.e. maybe 5 mom-friends and their kiddos) and if you’re all comfortable with homemade treats or prefer store-bought goodies). Prepackage your goodies into that number of bundles. Agree on a drive-by or socially distanced format and drop goodies at each other’s homes or meet at a park, in a driveway, or in a backyard to exchange.

  2. Heart “Bomb” a House

    It’s a sweet-not-sinister bombing! Cut out a dozen or so hearts from construction or other colored paper—or purchase heart-shaped doilies or precut hearts (at a hobby store in the Valentine decorations area)—and use painter’s tape to attach them to the front door or decorate the porch of a friend’s home. Video doorbells make it hard to conceal your identity, but the surprise will still be delightful! Add an extra layer of sweetness by writing things you love about your friends on the hearts.

  3. Hand Make and Mail Valentine Cards

    Snail mail is so fun to receive and after the excitement of holiday cards has wound down, a Valentine card will be a welcome sight in a mailbox full of fliers and bills.

  4. Take a Heart Walk

    This is a great idea for active families! Stroll your neighborhood, head to a favorite park or take a day trip to a hiking spot and look for hearts in nature. It might surprise you how many you’ll find if you’re looking for them!

  5. Tie Dye Valentine Shirts

    Capitalize on an Instagram-worthy trend and DIY heart shirts with tie-dye! Choose non-traditional colors for a family-specific version or go all out with the pink and red. Send the kiddos to school in their shirts and wear yours for casual Friday Zoom meetings. No one will be able to miss your Valentine spirit. Learn how to make a tie-dye heart shape and find instructions for an easy squeeze bottle dyeing method here.

A fifth-generation San Antonionian - who happened to spend her formative years in Austin - Amanda loves the SAT from the confetti in her hair to the bluebonnets under her feet. Never one to miss a reason to host a party or decorate for a theme, Amanda revels in the 'mas Fiesta' attitude of the city. She's mom to Vivi (2012) aka #HurricaneVivi, Mac (2020) and wife to Francois, whom she met at Texas A&M (FTAC '05). She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Doctorate in Making it Up As She Goes - which means she's a sometimes-fun-mom. You can find her on Instagram . She loves confetti, croissants, and a cold Ranch Water. Favorite Restaurant: Piatti's Favorite Landmark: Johnson Street footbridge in King William Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Medals