Five Easy (Pandemic Friendly) Valentine Dates

Pandemic baby jokes aside – Valentine’s Day might be the most challenging holiday to celebrate while social distancing or limiting your out-of-the-house activities. While many couples choose to stay in for Valentine’s Day no matter what the global pandemic situation is, nonetheless, one of the most popular days to squeeze in a date night. Here are some of our favorite “date-night-in” and social distancing friendly ideas that are also perfect for the whole family:

  1. Take a Virtual Class

    From cooking to painting to mixology and baking – there are SO many options for virtual classes right now. (Shout out to all the people learning new technology to bring these to us!) One of the best ways to rekindle a relationship is to learn a shared skill or experience something new together – so pick something that appeals to both of you and get busy making memories. Schedule it for after bedtime or include the family and make it an afternoon activity. Texas Wino Tours is offering virtual wine tasting, Class in the Kitchen offers live cooking classes, and Nail It has a virtual class for literally anyone

  2. Private Movie Screening

    Treat your Valentine, family or quaranteam to a private movie screening at one of the theaters around town and get a movie theater all to yourself! You’ll get the whole theater to yourself and can choose the movie you want to screen, based on what the theater has available. From Fifty Shades of Gray to Pride and Prejudice to Kung Fu Panda, there is something for everyone! Prices vary but seem to be between $99 and $150. Here are some of the theaters in San Antonio offering private screenings:
    Cinemark, AMC, Alamo Draft House, EVO Entertainment, Santikos

  3.   Charcuterie Board Picnic

    If there was a single food trend that summed up 2020 (taking out that sourdough bread moment…) it would be charcuterie boards. Sweet, savory, tart, and salty – you can combine just about anything on one and call it a meal. Order a board from a local company or build your own (Trader Joe’s and Central Market are my favorite places to find ingredients!) and have a picnic – in the backyard, on the living room floor, or at a local park. A few of our local favorites (find them all on Instagram) are: Always Board SA, The Board Couple, Charcuterie2GoGo, Honey and Pickle, Brie Here Now, and The Good Kind

  4. Valentine Trivia via Zoom

    If you love bar trivia or a good competitive date night, a Valentine trivia session might be a great activity! Join friends on Zoom, challenge your significant other, or make it a family activity that can span the globe. If you’d like to provide prizes, think about digital gift cards (like for coffee or a meal delivery service) or local deliveries (like Tiff’s Treats or flowers) and ask the ‘teams’ to buy in and help offset the cost of the prizes. Make it feel like you’re together by coordinating food and beverage choices or send packages of snacks ahead of time. Here are a couple of question sets to get you started: Valentine Trivia, Valentine Quiz, Valentine Trivia Questions

  5.  Take a Hike

    Truly! February weather can be iffy but when it’s good, it’s GOOD! Take a day trip to somewhere new-to-you and do some exploring in the outdoors. Pack a lunch or dinner to eat on the go and enjoy a non-traditional Valentine’s Day date! Here are some of our favorite hiking and biking spots:

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