Halloween Cookie Monster Whoopie Pies

Well, hello October! I’m so glad you’re here – I feel like I can officially start celebrating all things fall-ish. Seeing as how it’s still in the high 90’s (Are we done? Will it stay cool now?) the -ish part of fall is a real factor.

I was super intimidated to try making whoopie pies – not a cookie and sort of cake – they seemed just prime to mess up. But not only did they come out beautifully, but they were also delicious. Not too sweet, a little spongy, and just dense enough to not crumble everywhere.

I read about a dozen recipes before deciding to try Martha Stewart’s Whoopie Pie recipe. She uses a 1-ounce scoop for hers – and I used the ice cream scoop in my drawer, whatever size it might be. It’s important to use a consistent size amount of cookie dough since you’ll want the two sides to match up.

The cookie/cakes bake beautifully and puff and don’t spread too much. I think I would like to try a recipe that yielded a “flatter” cookie.

Martha’s recipe calls for a 7-minute frosting – and the majority of recipes I read suggested a stiff frosting with meringue or cream cheese. In the spirit of experimenting, I tried this box frosting – and I was delighted with the result. I had intentions of using the cookie icing like a royal icing to adhere to the monster’s eyes but the stiff frosting did a better job holding everything into place.

Divide the frosting into separate bowls and color your monster’s guts if you choose.

Spread a generous dollop of frosting on the flat (bottom) side of a cookie and top with the bottom of another to make a sandwich with two “tops” on the outside.

Add as many eyes as possible to make a cute stack of monster cookies (ahem, cookie monsters, if you will). I used some green embellishments around the edge of a few for extra mom points (V loves any kind of “sprinkle”!).

And there we have it! Adorable Monster Whoopie Pies in an afternoon! Happy Fall, y’all! 

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