Halloween Crafts for Kids

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 8.19.10 PMI’m willing to bet that every store you visit is full of Halloween decorations and costumes now that October is only a weekend away! If you are anything like me then you must be super excited! This is a time to be fun, spooky, and creative with monsters and more.  Around the 2nd week of September, my kiddo got hit with the Halloween bug, and now every day I hear: Is it Halloween yet? Can we decorate? Let’s get Halloween candy! (That’s my life right now.)

To get you in the Halloween spirit, let me show you some fun crafts you can make at home with your kids!

First up is easy to make spooky Spiders! Grab some paper (or a paper bag) and black paint.  Let your child paint the toilet paper roll black and then have your child (or an adult if the child is small) paint his hands black.  Press them down on paper with fingers pointed outward side to side. Wait for the paint to dry then cut the hands out.  Add some glitter or googly eyes and boom! Spooky spider!  While you have the black paint out, go ahead and paint a toilet paper roll.




Next up is a friendly white ghost! I used a brown paper bag so that the white paint color would come out rich on the paper.  I just let my little guy do a hand print facing downward and some googly eyes (or drawn on ones) and we had our own ghost! Since your little ones hands are already dirty, paint a toilet paper roll white and leave it out to dry.

DSC07800a DSC07801a DSC07817a

Finally, paint a toilet paper roll all black, let it dry and then cut out some construction paper wings. Add some details such as eyes, ears and a mouth, and you now have a bat!



I decided to glue all three items onto painted toilet paper rolls so that they would be sturdier. I hole punched into them and added some string to hang them. I decided that I wanted them to be in mobile form so that my child can either hang it outside or in the house and see his master piece! Using an ice cream bucket top that I cut into to use as a hoop I made the mobile hanger.  I used string to wrap around it and get rid of the uneven edges so it would look a little neater.




Once I hung all three pieces on the hoop, I hung it up outside next to our monsters on the front porch. We love it!



We enjoy it so much that I began to worry about rain, wind and bugs destroying our creation, so I put it inside in his room where there is already a lot of Halloween action!  This fun mobile makes the both of us very happy!



I hope you try these simple crafts and Happy Halloween decorating!

Do you have any fun and easy Halloween crafts that you do with your kids?  Share in the comments below![hr]

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