13 Fall Trends I Might Actually Wear

I like dressing up. I like looking cute. But a lot of the trends out there… let’s just say that I could not pull them off, nor would I want to. For instance: crop tops. I like how they look on the models, but I want something to cover my lovely stretch marks, thank you very much.

I remember circa 2005 when I would go shopping with my sister and have so much fun choosing clothes for the season. I knew what I wanted, I knew what was on trend, and the only problem was not going over budget. Now my shopping trips are done in between getting bread and a toy at Target or when my family comes to town from Mexico and they hit all the stores.

In those moments, I confess that half the time I am not sure what to get. I need direction because I have lost that sixth sense, that art of knowing what goes with what. What do you mean skinny jeans are no longer in fashion? Fancy dresses with tennis shoes? Halter tops are back? Cropped sweatshirts?

While I have no intention of looking like I am on a runway, I still want to know how to look up to date. “You don’t have to change your whole wardrobe, just update the fit in your basic pieces,” is what my sister told me when I asked for advice.

Since then, I have looked for inspiration on social media—mainly Instagram—and now I feel a little less lost. Some of my favorite accounts are Spanish personal shopper @emquedabe, Mexican image consultant @imagenferibarra, and style icon @paolaalberdi. My favorite local fashion influencers are @realtorfashionfiles, @thetoastylife, and @lizostyle. Also, if you are looking to dig into the latest trends, local fashion store Julian Gold @juliangoldsa has a great feed as well.

These are some of the fall trends I have spotted with the help of my stylish friends Tony and Bere:

Flare or Wide-legged Pants

Try them in colors like cinnamon and military green.

Outfit idea: Pair them with a tighter top to contrast the wider bottom.

Green Flare High Waist Flare Pants


Oversized Sweaters

I welcome this trend with all my heart. I would go out with a comfy plush throw wrapped around me. Now I can practically do that and be in fashion. Win-win!

Outfit idea: Throw your sweater over a long, silky dress and tennis shoes.

Oversized Khaki Sweater


Oversized Blazers/Double Breasted

You can dress up any outfit by throwing on a blazer. I would go for a neutral color that can be worn repeatedly. If you like a textured feel, go for leather or tweed. Tip: Roll up the sleeves.

Black oversized double breasted blazer


Cowboy Boots

Yes! Now is the time to shine, Texas girls. Cowboy boots are so in right now.

Outfit idea: Pair them with shorts and a blazer.

Black with floral embroidered cowboy boots

Dark brown cowboy boots


Pencil Skirts

I love skirts. They instantly make you look put together and are just as easy if not easier to wear than pants. Pencil skirts go well with loose tops to contrast the tight fit. This is also a great item to dress up or down.

Leopard print satin pencil skirt


Floral Prints

Big and moody floral prints are a trend that I really like. Floral tops, blazers, or even pieces with a floral motif. Another good way to incorporate this trend would be to look for accessories with floral prints (like the cowboy boots linked above).

Dark floral print bomber jacket


Quilted Coats

The quilted trend has come back (like all trends, really). Maybe you still have a quilted vest lying around in your closet. This season you can dust it off and give it another go.

Outfit Idea: Pair it with high waist jeans and a white tucked-in shirt.

Caramel quilted coat


Black Loafers

I don’t have a pair, but maybe I will soon! The ones with gold chains on top are my favorite. Wear them as you would tennis shoes.

Black loafers with gold chain


Leather Leggings/Fuseau Leggings

If you are still holding dear to your beloved leggings and miss the skinny look, fear no more because leather leggings are still a hit. If you want to look even trendier, go for the fuseau leggings (the ones that wrap underneath your foot).

Outfit idea: Wear with a French-tucked white button-up shirt, oversized blazer, and tennis shoes or loafers.

Black leather leggings with a blazer and white t-shirt


Knit Dress (below the knee)

This is a timeless piece. Look for a fit that goes well with your body type. I would choose a neutral color like camel so I can play with the accessories. The dresses with top to bottom buttons or with a leg slit are super cute as well.

Outfit idea: Pair it with cowboy boots, a crossbody bag, and big loop earrings.

Knit sweater dress—deep coffee

Knit sweater dress—khaki



I love jumpsuits, mainly because they are a one-stop outfit. Look for wide-legged, high-waist cut jumpsuits to keep looking on point.

Outfit idea: Don’t forget your shoes: tennis, loafers, heels… anything goes.

Black, green, blue… jumpsuit!


Satin Dresses

They were a big hit this summer and are a great transition piece. Long or midi with spaghetti straps and a little bit of drape is what I look for.

Outfit idea: Wear it with boots and a blazer with the sleeves rolled up.

Simple and perfect satin dress


Knitted Loungewear Sets

I left the best trend for last. Picture this: a super comfy ensemble that feels better than wearing pajamas and keeps you looking luxurious while you run all the errands. Look for neutral colors and very soft thread.

Outfit idea: Pair it with tennis shoes or fancy sleepers and a cup of coffee.

Comfy outfit à la carte


Trends may come and go, but ultimately the best fashion trend is confidence. Wear what makes you feel good. I hope this guide helps you! I’ll be using it as my wishlist for this fall.

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