Valentine’s Day Self Care Tips for Moms

We don’t typically think of Valentine’s Day as a mom holiday. We don’t really think of any holiday as being a mom holiday, except for Mother’s Day, and that’s not really a mom holiday and we all know it. Mothers don’t put themselves first very often. Maybe never. Putting the needs of our small humans before our own is just part of being a mom, and most of the time, we’re OK with that.

Valentine’s Day is generally known as a romantic holiday, but there are also mom responsibilities associated with February 14th:

  • Baking or buying treats for the class party
  • Helping your child address those itty-bitty envelopes from their Doc McStuffins Valentine card set and making sure every child on their class is included
  • Remembering to send your kids off to school in a red outfit or other appropriately Valentine’s Day-themed attire

But what about you, mama?

Here are four ideas for self-care this Valentine’s Day.

1. Practice acceptance.

Look at yourself in the mirror and speak these words aloud:

“You are enough.”

That’s right. Maybe you’re used to a steady diet of mom guilt and you’ve probably got a ready arsenal of excuses to explain why you haven’t done this or that, but give yourself some grace. You are doing enough. You are loving your kids enough.

You are enough. 

2. Indulge.

Do something nice for yourself. Get a pedicure. Buy new lingerie. Park your kids in front of the TV (yes, really) and read a magazine. Give yourself a 30-minute scroll through your Facebook feed without guilt. Bonus points if you watch at least three cat videos.

Treat yourself in the name of Valentine’s Day. You deserve it.

3. Take a social media break.

I know, I know. We’re so attached to our smart phones and other devices that it seems like they’re practically fused to our hands.

But, that might not be a good thing. In fact, I feel safe in saying it’s probably not a good thing.

Would a social media break benefit you? Hint: the answer is yes. Even unplugging for just a day might give you the mental rest and opportunity to do something else that gives you joy.

4. Practice kindness.

Kindness is restorative. Say something nice to a random stranger. Pay for the person in line behind you at the drive-thru. Tape a five-dollar bill to the gas pump.

Google Random Acts of Kindness. Whatever small thing you decide to do to brighten someone else’s day will have ripple effects, so don’t be afraid to pay it forward!

Moms spend the bulk of their time doing things to show love for their families all throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show yourself some love and appreciation.

Put yourself first. Go ahead. Nudge yourself out in front just for a minute. Think of it as being your own Valentine.

Jill Robbins is a wannabe wine snob and lazy runner. She moved to San Antonio when she was 18 months old, so she considers herself a native. She has a degree in social psychology, which so far has been unhelpful in understanding the behavior of her husband and three children. Jill writes about adoption, motherhood, and midlife on her blog, Ripped Jeans and Bifocals, and freelances for various magazines and websites such as The Huffington Post, She Knows, Babble and Scary Mommy. She is the Director/Producer of Listen to Your Mother: San Antonio, a live show featuring readings about motherhood. You can follow Jill on Facebook and Twitter.