Run, Mama, Run: Where to Take Your Jogging Stroller in San Antonio


All moms are runners. Maybe not at first, but once your baby grows into a toddler you have no choice. Whether it’s through Target aisles, down driveways, between church pews, you’re going to be chasing that little stinker everywhere. Some moms choose to run when they don’t have to escape kiddo. Like, for fun. Or stress relief. Or, in my case, so they can justify all the tacos. Typically this requires the use of the large lovely piece of equipment known as the jogging stroller. 

Running with a jogging stroller requires extra planning. Where are the stroller-friendly trails? Which ones are adjacent to a playground? How many applesauce pouches and fruit snacks do I need for my kids to sit for thirty minutes? I’ve been running around the Alamo City for a few years now and I’m happy to report that there are tons of great options for jogging strollers! Here’s a list of stroller-friendly spots in San Antonio, most of which have a playground (some even a library or zoo). So load up that stroller and lace up your shoes! It’s time to go for a run. 

North Central

Phil Hardberger Park East
13203 Blanco Rd
Hardberger Park has two entrances: East and West. The East entrance has a paved trail right next to the parking lot. You will also see a playground and dog park. The paved trail is technically part of the Salado Creek Greenway and therefore connects you to other parks such as Walker Ranch and McAllister. It is well-shaded and mostly flat with a few scattered hills. 

Walker Ranch Park
12603 West Ave
From the Walker Ranch parking lot, you’ll immediately see the playground, large group pavilion, and paved trail. There is a half-mile loop within Walker Ranch as well as access to the Salado Creek Greenway. You’ll see beautiful trees along the trail as well as lots of airplanes overhead. Walker Ranch is under a main air flight path, which gives kids the chance to see tons of airplanes come and go. 

McAllister Park
13102 Jones Maltsberger Rd

McAllister Park has paved paths ranging from .2 to 2.4 miles. It also connects to the Salado Creek Greenway. Of course, there is a playground as well as ball fields and a dog park. Keep in mind that McAllister has multiple entrances. To park by the playground, you will want to come in on Jones Maltsberger Road. 

Salado Creek Greenway
If you need a nice long run, trot down the Salado Creek Greenway. It technically has three parts:
North, Central, and South. The entire trail is 22 miles, in case you ultra runners needed to know. The rest of us could maybe handle the stretch between Hardberger East and Walker Ranch (about 2 miles). If I need to run and don’t have time for the playground afterward, I like to park at Voelker Homestead Trailhead and run north. That way the playground is out of sight, out of mind. 


OP Schnabel Park
9606 Bandera Rd
OP Schnabel Park has six asphalt/concrete trails ranging from .2 to 7.7 miles. The 7 miler is part of the Leon Creek Greenway so you could lengthen or shorten that one to meet your needs. It also has a playground and restrooms. 

Leon Creek Greenway
Leon Creek Greenway can be broken into its North and Central sections. Leon Creek Greenway provides 20 miles of paved trail and connects several parks including OP Schnabel and Pearsall. Trees, flowers, and limestone bluffs make it a scenic experience.


Woodcrest Park
11021 Forest Pass Court
This 32-acre nature park has paved jogging trails that loop through beautiful wooded areas. If you need to take a break, there are several picnic tables along the way. It also has a playground built on state-of-the-art artificial turf. 

Comanche Lookout Park
15551 Nacogdoches Rd
Comanche Lookout Park is next to the Semmes Branch Library. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out a few books for your kiddo to browse while you run! Each of the looped trails ranges from .1 to .8 miles and can easily be strung together for a longer run. There is also a playground near the library.


The Riverwalk
Are we really Alamo City Moms if we don’t mention the River Walk? Of course, you can run along with this San Antonio landmark with your stroller! But some areas may be more conducive to this than others (please don’t try to haul your jogging stroller over one of the footbridges…it won’t be pretty). I recommend starting at the
Pearl and jogging through the museum reach area (about 2.6 miles if you go down to Lexington). Alternatively, you could park at Blue Star Art Complex and run toward the Missions.

Brackenridge Park
3700 N St. Mary’s St.
Since Brackenridge Park houses the Zoo, Kiddie Park, Sunken Garden Theater, and Japanese Tea Gardens, it should come as no surprise that it has space for you and your stroller to explore. There are several trails ranging from 0.2 to 1.1 miles, but they can easily be combined. The location of Brackenridge also lends itself to ventures on the River Walk and Downtown areas. 

Elmendorf Lake Park
235 Shore Drive
Elmendorf Lake Park offers 1.2 miles of concrete trail around the lake. There are fitness stations along the way for resistance training, cardio, stretching, and balance if you’re looking to cross-train. Additionally, there are restrooms, picnic areas, and a playground available. 

Woodlawn Lake
221 Alexander Ave
Woodlawn Lake has much to offer residents–a pool, gym, fishing, playground, Fourth of July fireworks. And of course, a place to run! The asphalt running trail around the lake is 1.3 miles. 


Pearsall Park
4838 Old Pearsall Road
Pearsall Park is one of the newest parks in San Antonio. It boasts two splash pads, a skate park, and a LARGE playground. Then there is the “Fitness Challenge Zone” with its zipline, pull up bars, and limestone seating/step-up blocks. Within the Fitness Challenge Zone is a 5k jogging trail and forty-yard sprint timer. Pretty much everything you could want for working out!


Southside Lions Park
3100 Hiawatha
Southside Lions Park has a one-mile asphalt trail that goes around the lake. There is also a trailhead for the Salado Creek Greenway South which connects to six other parks and totals 7.5 miles. Additionally, this park provides a playground for your kids to enjoy.

When Whitney fell in love with a handsome Texan, she just knew that someday they would call Texas home. Her three favorite things about San Antonio are the tacos, the family-friendly feel, and the school her children attend--Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children. Whitney is a former ninth grade English teacher and proud mama of two redheads nicknamed GingerSnap (daughter born in 2014) and GingerDude (son born in 2017). Her son is deaf and has bilateral cochlear implants. Sunshine Cottage provided all the tools needed to turn GingerDude into a little chatterbox and Whitney into the hearing loss/listening and spoken language advocate that she is. When she isn’t volunteering at Sunshine Cottage, Whitney spends her time serving in organizations at church, spreading awareness and encouragement on Instagram, and keeping the Weaver household in working order. She tries to make time each day to go for a run and her favorite thing to do on a Saturday is hike at a nearby state park with her family. Favorite Restaurant: Thai Dee Favorite Landmark: The Riverwalk Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Fiesta Decorations and Attire