Baptist Emergency Hospital Offers Big Pediatric Care for San Antonio’s Little Patients

ACMB is partnering with Baptist Emergency Hospital to share information about their pediatric ER. This is a sponsored post.


An allergic reaction.
Labored breathing.
High fever.
Unexplained lethargy.

The list of terrifying symptoms that require an ER visit for a sick child is not one that most parents like to linger over. Truthfully, many of us avoid thinking of family medical emergencies because it can be such a scary place to let our minds wander. Despite all we do to keep our kids healthy and safe, medical emergencies happen. In 2018, Baptist Emergency Hospital cared for 30,000 San Antonio children.

When an emergency happens, knowing where to go for comprehensive care close to home can ease the burden of an incredibly stressful and scary experience. Baptist Emergency Hospital has a dedicated 24/7 Pediatric Emergency Department at all seven of the Baptist Emergency Hospitals in the San Antonio Area. Each of the seven locations has a team of experienced Pediatric Specialists ready to care for the children of San Antonio. Find your closest location here:

Seconds matter in a medical emergency. Know your closest emergency centers, keeping in mind that Baptist Emergency Hospitals are located in neighborhoods throughout San Antonio. These fully licensed hospitals offer on-site laboratory and imaging services, meaning you get your test results promptly and the needed care faster. The small-format emergency campuses also allow for a more personalized experience than a large downtown hospital. If an overnight stay is needed, Baptist Emergency Hospital has spacious rooms and a comfortable family waiting area.

For non-life-threatening emergencies, Baptist Emergency Hospital recommends San Antonio families save time and use their convenient online check-in service:

When your child is sick, let the Pediatric Specialists at Baptist Emergency Hospitals partner with you to care for your child. Like you, the medical team at Baptist Emergency Hospital wants to get your children diagnosed, treated and back to being themselves as soon as possible.

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