One of the most common questions we’re asked is for school recommendations. We’re so lucky to live in an education-rich city and that San Antonio has a robust public school network, a well balanced private school community, and a wide variety of charter schools to choose from. It is our belief that there is a “right fit” for every family and because we cater to the greater San Antonio area, your options cover a large area. On this page you’ll find information about San Antonio area Charter Schools. When considering a Charter School, we urge you to research the educational philosophy, admission process, and unique characteristics of each Charter School, as they vary greatly. This guide is a paid listing, brought to you by Alamo City Moms as well as the schools listed below.


“We chose a public charter school thanks to the strength of its curriculum. We were drawn to its focus on core academics as well its arts programming, providing a challenging, well-rounded STEAM education that fits our son. We also appreciate its supportive, hands-on environment that has allowed him to excel and feel ‘at home’. We are grateful that San Antonio offers an array of strong educational options so families can choose what best fits their needs.” – Dawn R.

BASIS Charter Schools

BASIS Charter Schools in Texas are open enrollment, tuition-free public charter schools serving grades K–12. They offer a STEM-infused liberal arts curriculum, a co-teaching model for the primary grades, and a wide variety of academic courses and extracurricular activities. San Antonio campuses include:

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