This San Antonio schools guide is a paid listing opportunity, brought to you by Alamo City Moms Blog and San Antonio Board of REALTORS®, as well as the many school partners listed. Thank you to our sponsors who made this guide possible! We hope it is a helpful resource as you research and make education decisions for your children.


The #1 question readers ask us and the most frequent post in our community group is: Which schools do you recommend?


From early childhood programs and preschool, to charter schools and private schools, and which of the dozens of public school districts in the San Antonio area are the best fit – every parent wants to make the best educational choice for their child. San Antonio is chock full of great public schools, private options (including parochial and independent), early childhood programs, and charter schools—and we’re excited to bring you this guide. We hope you find this resource helpful and ultimately find a great educational fit for your child(ren).

This guide is broken up into: Early Childhood Education (child care and preschool/early elementary environments), Private Schools (early childhood through high school), San Antonio Area Public School Districts, and Public Charter Schools (pre-K to 12th grade). Click on the images above to go directly to each section.