Report Card Rewards

As my child has gotten older, I’ve realized how his attitude at the end of the day resembles mine after a long work day. We’re both ready to put the “day” away and focus on the things we enjoy doing in our free time. We discuss the day’s highlights, which typically include something we’re proud of achieving or accomplishing. Kids, regardless of age, enjoy seeing their hard work and effort leading to positive results. I think most of us enjoy a little celebration or acknowledgment of our hard work. This got me thinking, I’m sure there are businesses out there that reward kids for academic effort or achievement.  

Below you will find a list of companies that provide incentives, perks, or discounts for students who have worked hard and achieved good grades on their report cards, or who have reached a reading goal. I have communicated with a number of local businesses lately, and I’m overwhelmed by the positive responses I received. These businesses are giving back to their local community by encouraging and supporting kids. Many of these offers almost make me want to go back to school! Almost.

I’ve also included a fill-in-the-blank printable reward if this strategy works better for your family. It is completely customizable to encourage, incentivize, or reward your child the way you feel is most appropriate. My son loves family game night, so that is definitely one incentive that would make him happy.  

Grab those Report Cards and Head Over to These Places

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

How did I not know about this until now? Kiddos can get one FREE donut for each A (up to six) on their report card. This offer is valid at all corporately owned locations; just give your local store a call to ensure they are participating. My local store said this offer is valid for students in grades K–12.  

Brindles Awesome Ice Creams

Did your child get straight A’s on their report card? Here’s a sweet treat just for them! They can snag a FREE scoop of ice cream when they bring in their report card showing all A’s! Valid for kids in grades K–12!

Freshest Ice Creams

Bring in your report card showing straight A’s and get a FREE baby scoop! Offer valid for students in grades K–12 and Monday–Friday only.

Wow Wow Lemonade

This place is more than just lemonade; they have smoothies, smoothie bowls, and delicious healthy bites too! Kids in grades K–8 who earn all A’s on their report cards will get a FREE 16-ounce frozen lemonade. I’m telling my son he’s required to give his mom a sip!

Hokulani Shave Ice

Curious where they are? Pop on over to their Instagram or Facebook page to find where the truck will be each day. They are offering two FREE toppings for kiddos in grades K–12 who earn A’s, B’s, and/or C’s on their report card. They said they don’t want to discourage any kiddos who are trying their best.

Earth Burger

Bring in your report card with all A’s and B’s for the grading period and get a free soft serve cone. Alternatively, Earth Burger is offering something special for those kiddos in the Accelerated Reading program at school. Bring in your AR Reading Goal Certificate for the quarter and get a free kids’ meal combo. This offer is valid for kids in grades K–12 and at all four Earth Burger locations.  

1000 Degrees Pizza

The San Antonio 1000 Degrees Pizza location has a fantastic offer for kids in grades K–12 who are on the All-A or -A/B Honor Roll. Students should bring in their report card or reward certificate and they will get a FREE 10″ one-topping pizza. The restaurant will sign the back of the documentation with the date it was redeemed at the store. 

2M Smokehouse

Stop by with those report cards for a mouth-watering offer from 2M Smokehouse. They are currently offering the following for students in grades K–12:

Straight A’s = FREE pulled pork sandwich, four-ounce side, AND a cookie

A’s and B’s = FREE pulled pork sandwich AND choice of four-ounce side OR a cookie

A’s, B’s, and C’s = a FREE cookie OR choice of four-ounce side 

Peter Piper Pizza

Let your child show off their report card at Peter Piper Pizza and score free tokens for their grades! This offer is valid with a K–12, school-issued report card. Peter Piper will award students four tokens per A and three tokens per B in each of the four major subjects (math, science, English, and history). 

Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese is a bit unique, as they have a number of achievements that qualify students for ten FREE playpoints. Certificates can be accessed and printed at home for things like best attitude, best improvement, best team sport, best sportsmanship, super student award, and tooth fairy award. Keep in mind, the ten free tokens offer is only valid with an accompanying food purchase.  

School-Run Programs

Many businesses run neat promotions through the schools. So, double-check with your school to see if they are working with the companies below. If not, you can encourage your school to reach out to these companies for additional information. 

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts is collaborating with local schools on an awesome incentive program.  Teachers can award students a Duck Donuts Certificate of Achievement for any outstanding performance, whether it’s an academic achievement, a kind gesture, or a good deed for a fellow classmate. This certificate entitles the child to one FREE donut of his or her choice.  If you are interested in learning more, please have your child’s teacher reach out to Duck Donuts to obtain the certificates to hand out.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse partners with local schools in a number of ways! Interested schools should reach out to the company about their Partner in Education program. This program offers a variety of perks like reading incentives, achievement certificates, perfect attendance certificates, teacher of the month, and even a visit by Andy the Armadillo!  They also offer fundraising opportunities for schools.

Schlitterbahn Reading Program

The Waves of Reading program encourages elementary students to enjoy reading.  Students in grades K–5 can earn a FREE admission ticket to Schitterbahn! To earn these awesome rewards, students must read ten hours during the ten-week program. Even better? They also get a special discount on tickets for family and friends. Schools that are interested in participating should reach out to Schlitterbahn and must register by October 6.

Book It Reading Program

This program has been motivating children to read since it started in 1984! The program is free and available to English/Language Arts Teachers in grades Pre-K–5 and homeschooling parents. Students can earn a Reading Award Certificate, good for one FREE one-topping personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  

Have a Student Driver at Home?

Many insurance companies offer discounts for student drivers who do well in school. A “good students discount” could add up to significant savings on auto insurance rates. Ask your agent if your student driver qualifies and/or ask this question as you are shopping for new insurance. These discounts typically apply to student drivers in high school and college who are under 25 years of age. Students can get discounts on their auto insurance for maintaining good grades, completing a driver’s safety course, or utilizing a drive-safe device. The discounts and options will vary by insurance carrier.

Design Your Own Reward

Perhaps you want to reward or incentivize your child in a specific way or for achieving an individualized goal. Maybe there is something that really means a lot to them—like choosing what to eat for dinner or the games you’ll play for family game night. Use the customizable vouchers below to write in your own incentive.  

Printable Voucher


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