School is Cancelled: Free Educational Resources that Help Launch Learning at Home

A week ago if you had told me that school districts would begin to shut down amid the COVID-19 virus, I would have rolled my eyes at you. Here we are, 7 days later and my children’s spring break has been extended by a week in what is believed to be just the beginning of what our new (temporary but surreal) reality will look like. We are moms though–we don’t panic, we kick it into high gear and start to get our creative juices flowing: we create colorful calendars, we plan out the week’s snacks, we research best practices for how to keep our children engaged because we know that one of the most important things we can offer our children during this difficult time is a semblance of normalcy.

Our ‘normal’ will look a little different than what most kids are used to. Their classrooms will be relegated to the dining room table, or the living room, the kitchen counter, or their bedrooms. Their learning platforms might look different as well and that’s okay as long as they’re still problem solving, creating, reflecting, stretching their thinking, and having fun while doing it. If you’re a parent who finds themselves ‘stuck’ at home in unchartered territory and has never had to facilitate the teaching/learning of your kids–don’t sweat it. We are all in this together! Alamo City Moms will be posting amazing resources to support you in this journey.

The resources below provide over 150 free enrichment activities. Some require technology and some do not. While some might require subscription purchases, most do offer a free trial period. Also listed are free activity ideas you can do at home!

Scholastic Learn at Home 

Scholastic is offering this free subscription with lessons that are self-paced and informative. From pre-K to 6th and up.

PBS Kids

Here your kids can play educational games. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter and they will send you daily activities to engage your kids in.

Make Me Genius

Science lessons for 1st-8th grade.


Math and Reading lessons for Pre-K through 3rd grade.

Cool Math

Math and games for kids of all ages.

Highlights Kids

Packed with fun activities for kids.


Learning games and activities for kids for PRE-K through 6th grade.

NatGeo Kids

Informational learning and fun activities.

The Kidz Page

Online games, puzzles, coloring pages and activities for kids of all ages.

Fun Brain

Online games, videos and books for kids in K-8th grade.

National Gallery of Art

Fun and insightful introduction to art and history.

BBC History for Kids

From ancient history to world wars, this website is chock full of information on historic events.

Storyline Online

Books that are read aloud to kids. New books are added weekly!

Mission US

An interactive and fun way to learn history.

The Happy Scientist

A science-filled online resource that encourages you to explore their many activities and have fun!

Khan Academy

From Pre-K to High School, you will find a learning video on just about any subject from science and engineering to art history.

Cells Alive

Explore, study, play and learn about cells, microbes, and the immune system.

Google Earth

Explore the Internet’s most detailed globe.


Where children can learn about current events and more.

Mr Nussbaum

Learning and fun games for younger learners.


Science website that offers tools for teaching and learning.

Turtle Diary

Fun online games, videos, experiments, puzzles, coloring sheets, and other activities. Geared towards kids in Pre-K through 5th grade.

eLearning for Kids

Fun and learning for kids of all ages. From computer skills to math to reading.

Sesame Street

Preschool learning, games and fun.

Fun Fonix

Phonics worksheets, games, and printables for kids.


Watch Dr. Seuss videos and play fun book-themed games.

The Story Starter

Randomly generate your own story starter with this fun website.

NASA Kids Club

Learn about the planets with this fun and interactive website.

Crypto Club

Immerse yourself in Cryptography.

USGS Earthquakes

Learn about earthquakes!

Learning Lab

Let learning come to life with the Smithsonian through digital access.

Study Jams

Interactive math and science games.

Grid Club

An extensive online platform for learning games for just about every subject from math, to computer science, to reading!


Kids’ news articles on current events.

In uncertain times, the most important thing we can do for kids, ourselves and each other is to find the positives in a situation. Our kids are home, yes it means more messes, more cooking, more noise… but it also means spending more time with the ones we love most. Time, this most precious resource that there really is not enough of. Roll those sleeves up and do what you always do––mom up and have fun with this!