Ways to Save on Outfitting Your Kids

Ways to save money on outfitting your kiddos

Check your inventory

Check your closet before you do anything else! Have your child try on everything he has in his closet that hasn’t been worn recently. Make a list of what is needed. When you make your list, make one for school clothes (uniforms maybe?) and one for regular every day clothes.  See where certain items can mix in between the two. Clothes shopping will be easier to do this way. Plus, it helps to go by season. Make one list for each person if you have multiple children.

Shop outside the box

When you think of clothes shopping, it doesn’t have to mean you have to go to the mall! It can also mean yard sales, thrift stores, consignment shops and events, Craigslist and more. You can always find hidden gems, items with new tags, and clothes that look brand new if you try.  Imagine how much money you will save!

If possible, contact your local school or church and see if they want to host a yard sale. It’s a great opportunity to bring the community together. If you live in a neighborhood where the kids wear uniforms to school, you will get a wide variety of sizes possibilities.

Clothes swap

You don’t always have to shop! Why not have a clothing swap? Invite family, friends, neighbors and see what others have to exchange. If possible see if there is a neighborhood association or school PTA that might want to organize one with you. Instead of money use raffle type tickets to pay for clothes. Assign values to the items people are bringing in such as one shirt gets you 2 tickets to use and one pair of shoes is one ticket and that way it keeps it fair.

Stick to a budget

Shop off-season and take advantage of special sales like Tax free weekend if that applies in your area. Every cent counts! There are great sales during black Friday and cyber Monday so don’t forget those too!


Do you have tips for shopping for your little one? Please share in the comments!

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