5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Going To Community College

This post is a paid partnership between Alamo City Moms and Alamo Colleges District. The text was provided by Haneen Rafati, a student at Northwest Vista College.

As a young adult who was fresh out of high school, I underestimated how difficult the transition from high school to college would be. Since I was attending a community college, I didn’t think I needed as much adjustment as my peers who were attending four-year universities. I was wrong. Although my parents were adamant about me attending a community college because they knew it would be more affordable, they didn’t necessarily prepare me for it.

Here are a few things I wish my parents told me before I attended a community college:

  • Community college is challenging

There is a false notion that since community college is affordable and smaller, it is less difficult. This is completely false and I wish I knew this. Community college is still college and should be taken seriously.

  • Learning takes place outside of the classroom too

I didn’t realize how much reading and studying I had to do on my own in order to be successful. Professors will not remind you to study. They teach you what they have to and the rest is based on your own integrity and responsibility.

  • Avoiding distractions will be difficult

Living at home is convenient when it comes to finances but can be a challenge when it comes to academics. Try making time so that you can get work done in the library.

  • Look into Work Study

Before college, I never had a job. My work study job was convenient for
me and taught me so many things about my school and the “real world.” Many students
don’t know about work study opportunities because they’re not talked about enough!
(Note: students who receive financial aid can apply to be a work study).

  • Take your time

There is no timer placed on your life. The time it takes you to finish a
degree should not be measured or compared to your peers. I wish there was no rush to get a degree and get started on your career path. Any degree, whether it’d be an associates, bachelors, or doctorate is worthy of your time, no matter the length it takes you to complete it.

To learn more about Northwest Vista College, visit www.alamo.edu/nvc

Haneen Rafati was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She feels very connected to the city and its communities. She is very proud to reside in a city that embraces diversity and togetherness. This is mainly why she chose to attend a community college. She has studied history at Northwest Vista College with a concentration on a teaching certification, and plans to stay in the San Antonio area after getting her degree. Her ultimate career goal “is to serve the community and people who have always served me.”