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The Magik Theatre
Where Stories Come to Life

Magik Theatre’s mission is to use the power of theatre to create Magikal storytelling for children that Activates imagination, Grows young minds, and Inspires creativity and a love of learning that is the Key to a more literate future for our community.

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Stone Oak, San Antonio, TX, USA
Community is the heart of Second Act Productions. Through the magic and power of the theater, students will feel welcome, accepted, and encouraged. In our classes and live productions, students of all ages and skill levels can explore their creative side, expand their presentation techniques, and grow in confidence. From the greatest to the least- We all have a part to play.
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1915 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78215, USA

Our passion is for youth of all backgrounds and needs to embrace their limitless abilities, develop their confidence, and express their inner artist. We’re committed to working together to deliver high-quality, innovative theatre instruction, production, and expression.

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