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 Lil Franz Mini Bundt Cakes Now Available in H.E.B. Stores Across Texas

Flavorful Cake Bites with Real Fruit Satisfy that Dessert Craving Without Being Too Sweet 

Lil’ Franz Mini Cake Bites can now be found in H.E.B. stores across Texas. These fun, fresh, flavor-packed cakes are the ideal option for a quick, light dessert that’s not too filling nor too calorie-rich. Perfect as fun coffee complements, appetizers, snacks and desserts. 

Vera Trombitas, founder of Lil’ Franz, moved to Houston, Texas, from Germany in 2016. On Valentine’s Day, she pulled out her German mini bundt cake molds and made cake bites for her husband, Max. As her husband enjoyed his Valentine’s Day treat, Vera realized that maybe Houston would enjoy these decadent, guilt-free cake bites.

“Sometimes I crave sweets and don’t want a whole cake, just a bite. And I thought I might not be the only one,” said Trombitas.

While they can be eaten solo, they are fun to decorate. Lil’ Franz cakes can be transformed into mini cupcakes or decorated for the holidays, making it easy to create a fun themed treat for any event or holiday. That’s why there’s a QR code on the front of the packaging – so you can explore topping ideas while shopping in-store. There are instructions for making some of these fun sweet Lil’ Franz combos on the company’s website.

Lil Franz cake bites emphasize the “Lil”. They are low-calorie treats – less than 40 calories per cake – and hold the title of “Tiniest Cake in the World” at less than 0.5oz. Lil’ Franz mini cake bites are made with kosher ingredients and include no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and are 100% nut-free. Lil’ Franz cakes come in varieties such as lemon poppy, chocolate and blueberry that are bursting with decadent flavor.

As Lil’ Franz wins over more and more taste buds, the company has also struck up a deal with Texas-based grocery chain H.E.B. Now, Lil’ Franz can be found in select H-E-B locations across the state.

Facebook: @lilfranzcakes

Instagram: @lilfranzcakes

Website: https://hansnfranz.com/

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