A native Texan, Tiffeny returned to her home state in 2021 after living on the Northeast coast for many years. As a work-from-home mom with three children (12 y/o, 10 y/o, and 1.5 y/o), she is always on the go, whether to school, church, or last-minute errands; she usually has her laptop in tow. With a background in visual design, she works as a UX/UI Designer for No Spoon Solutions. She is also pursuing a B.A.S in Learning Technologies remotely from the University of North Texas. Tiffeny admits she is a true cat lady with the best of both worlds; her furbabies and family. If you ever meet her in person, you will quickly learn she bleeds coffee and doesn't take herself too seriously!
Adult ADHD conversation bubble

Late Diagnosis ADHD Update: Returning to College as An Adult

Now that I think about it, I can't remember the conversations, decisions, or even the exact moment I decided to take the necessary steps to return to school. Oddly enough, that's how we got...

Late Diagnosis: It was ADHD the Whole Time?!

At 38, I was diagnosed with Inattentive Type ADHD. I wish I could say it was a shock, but so many events in my life made sense after I understood what this diagnosis meant. As I researched ADHD in women, I learned I'm not alone.

25+ Activities for Tweens In and Around San Antonio

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Happy New Year! Five Tips for a Successful Start

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Halloween Candy Overload

Now is your chance. Stop the cycle! Take the candy and RUN! But only to give it away or put it to good use. Don't be like some people I know who may or may...

20 Questions with ACM Team Member Tiffeny Wilbourn

Hi there! My name is Tiffeny Wilbourn! I am a newer member of the Alamo City Moms team, and I'm so excited to participate as a contributing writer. Read my 20 questions below to find...

Six Kid-Friendly Hotels in San Antonio, TX

We all know there is a difference between what a search engine believes to be kid-friendly (more of a 'families are welcome vibe') and what we moms consider a place that caters to the youngest...

Honey! What’s for Dinner?!? San Antonio Restaurants Worth Trying

In the Wilbourn household, we loooove food! BUT, the whole cleaning up after you cook part of a meal makes a great recipe quickly unappealing! If we are being honest with each other here,...
Pokémon GO Milotic

Pokémon GO Fest 2022: Get Out and GO!

This Saturday and Sunday (June 4–5) marks one of the biggest Pokémon GO events of the season, GO Fest 2022! I know we are all wrapping up the end of the school year insanity. AND,...