Kristen Hendrix


Resources That Were Helpful When Our Daughter Had Anorexia

National Eating Disorder Week is February 27–March 5, making this a natural time to share part of our story with you. It’s a long story, and I could write multiple articles from multiple angles...

To the Mom Who’s Taking a Break in Her Career to Raise Kids

To the mom who’s taking a break in her career to raise kids, know this: You won’t regret the time you’re spending with your kids. There will be times you’re going to feel unappreciated,...

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month… Here’s How I Know That

Among several other types of cancer, September is ovarian cancer awareness month. That’s something I wasn’t aware of until four years ago, when my mom was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer, which is a...

Permission to Take A Break

Several years ago, “a quiet room and a Diet Sprite” became code for “I need a break.” I don’t even like Diet Sprite, but one of Tina Fey’s lines in the 2010 movie Date...

Middle School Musings (the Third Time Around)

It’s interesting how much of our kids’ lives are bookmarked by the stages of school. With my youngest heading to middle school, I’m mindful that our elementary years are over. (Yay for no more...

“Just Wait”… Candid Advice That Spans the Stages of Parenting Toddlers Through Teens

When my girls were little and they were having a meltdown, well-meaning people would say, “Just wait,” with a raised eyebrow and that inflection in their voice, implying my little person had little problems....