Jeri-Ashley (she/her/ella) is a proud San Antonio native and mama to multiples (Charlie-2021, Ofilia-2019, Mia-2010). She holds her B.A. in Sociology from St. Mary's University and an M.S. in Education from Johns Hopkins University. Jeri-Ashley is a parent coach, small business owner, full-time educator, and community advocate. She has worked with school-aged children, parents, and educators for over 10 years, focusing on providing each with the tools to be more mindful in creating strong, healthy relationships, while also maximizing each individual's strengths. Her love and passion for serving others goes beyond creating change in education and into service in the San Antonio community where she has served on the board for New Leaders Council SA, works on community-driven initiatives through Latinx Noise, and provides workshops on mindful parenting through her small business The Mindfulness Co. You can catch her on the daily over on her IG @JeriTheMindfulMama sharing parenting tips, mindfulness practices, and raw motherhood experiences. Favorite Restaurant: Panchitos (Zarzamora location) Favorite Landmark: Woodlawn Lake Favorite San Antonio Tradition: Dia de los Muertos weekend

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