Denise came to SA 21 years ago via Southern Illinois, NYC and Philadelphia. A wife for 25+ years, she’s mom to nursing student, Sis (23); college student, Felicia (20); and 11 yr. old homeschooled Batman. An attachment parenting family, they’ve homeschooled for 13 years. Her MS in education and BS in journalism haven’t really helped with homeschooling. (Except for diagraming sentences. Which is kinda like algebra. Addictive and useless.) A renaissance woman (sounds better than “Jill of all trades mistress* of none,”) she’s been an AIDS/sexuality educator/counselor; doula; lactation consultant; childbirth educator; photographer and writer. She’d like to be more things when she grows up, including children’s author and organized. Living on a work in progress in Helotes, they’re home to horses, rescued/foster dogs, a hedgehog, turtles, bearded dragon, corn snake, and, of course, Red, the neighbor’s longhorn. Life is like a warped Disney movie with a bad episode of tripawd hoarders waiting to happen. The home may be chaotic, funny, and loud -- but, there’s always room for one more. *mistress – 1) as in the feminine form of “master.” 2) not the other one

Will Someone Shoot Us?

“Mama, will someone shoot us when we are at church?” It's a valid question from an eight-year-old Texan. Texas, Las Vegas, New York City, and more. Dr. Sears and Dr. Spock forgot the chapter on Children Coping...

Personal Care Bags: How Everyday Items Can Make a Huge Impact

Hurricanes and other natural disasters are devastating and leave us wanting to help. Bonus points if we can include our own kids in the process. San Antonio Food Bank is coordinating local aid for Hurricane...

No sports? No problem!

So, your child isn't into baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, or lacrosse? (Yes, San Antonio is home to at least one youth lacrosse league.) Maybe it’s her nature, his personality, he's just not ready,...

Making Sense: Glitches in Sensory Processing

"While most of us have occasional difficulties processing sensory information, for children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder, these difficulties are chronic, neurological, and they disrupt everyday life. Often, someone struggling with sensory challenges...
deals for san antonio teachers

Hot Discounts and Deals for San Antonio Teachers

August brings all the feels. The feeling of summer slipping away, the excitement of a new school year (the smell of a new box of crayons is always amazing), and maybe the feeling of...

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Reading Programs for San Antonio Kids

"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light." —Vera Nazarian. Studies show students can lose one month of grade-level equivalent skills during summer break. Kids want to...

The Alarm of Anxiety

May is Mental Health Month, which includes National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week. Throughout the day, we will be sharing posts on anxiety. We’re coming out from hiding - shedding light on an all-too-often dark...
Zika Virus

Zika Update

Zika Update: Recently, a CDC statement confirmed a link between the Zika virus and the development of microcephaly in fetuses of pregnant women. I spoke again with our resident expert, Patrick S. Ramsey, MD, MSPH, of...

Domestic Violence: No Boundaries

Like freckles, left-handedness, and curly hair, domestic violence knows no boundaries. It thrives in affluent homes, comfortable suburban cul-de-sacs, rural midwestern farms, high-rise apartments, and auspicious public housing. Every day, women of all ages,...
Zika Virus

Zika Virus: The Reality, Hype, and Unknown

Alamo City Moms Blog has put together this post in conjunction with our partner, University Health System, to share facts about the Zika virus. If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, it's always...

David’s Legacy: Stop Bullying Now

While San Antonians enjoy the last remaining Christmas lights and begin New Year's resolutions, the Molak family struggles with the loss of their beloved 16-year-old son and brother, David. Four days into 2016, David took...

Santa: The Big Reveal

"Once she learns the truth about Santa, she's gonna be pissed." This was my prediction for Sis, when she was three. In first grade, someone's child decided to educate his classmates about the jolly bearded guy. Luckily,...

Catch a Long Neck at the San Antonio Zoo!

As a mom, I tip my hat to giraffe mamas throughout the world—they carry their babies 15 months. Read that again: 15 MONTHS! To top it off, they do everything standing up: eat, sleep,...

Conversations With Kids: Let’s Talk About Sex

0 Kickin' it old school today. Salt-N-Pepa said it best with "Let's Talk About Sex." Children grow up quickly. Adults worry talking about sex makes kids do it. (It doesn't.) They're afraid they'll give kids too...