I moved to San Antonio from Austin after graduate school 18 years ago. After a decade teaching in higher education, I started my own business-Saving with Christina. I love helping people spend less and save more money. You can find me on Instagram and TikTok: @savewithchristina or YouTube: Saving with Christina. If you like to adventure and travel, you can also find my adventures on Instagram @adventures_withchristina On a personal note, I LOVE coffee, traveling, and taking every opportunity to wear athletic clothes. As a family, we love going to the lake, being active and trying new things. When not deal hunting, you can find me exercising, eating veggies, spending time with my “baby” boy, or wrapped in my favorite blanket with a big cup of coffee.

Free and Inexpensive Tours to Take Around the Alamo City

Learning by Doing I'm THAT mom. I'm always looking for ways to enhance my child's education, to allow him to learn more about the world around him, and to explore the Alamo City. The following...

Free and Cheap Concerts in the San Antonio Area

San Antonio offers a variety of things to do and ways to have fun that don’t cost anything!  If you’ve read my articles before, you know I love finding FREE and discounted opportunities. With...

Discounts and Deals for San Antonio Teachers

School is now officially in full swing and teachers might be feeling just a tad ready for that holiday break to arrive. Since that is still in the (not near enough) future, I decided...

Report Card Rewards

As my child has gotten older, I’ve realized how his attitude at the end of the day resembles mine after a long work day. We’re both ready to put the “day” away and focus...

Free & Cheap Summer Movies in the San Antonio Area

Who says you can’t have fun for free? San Antonio has some amazing opportunities for families to enjoy free movies this summer. Whether you want to be inside or out, enjoying a mid-day flick...

Free Family Fitness: Fun Ways to Stay Active This Summer

As a busy mom who loves to stay active, I’m always looking for unique opportunities to share healthy habits and fitness fun with my family. I’ve rounded up a few FREE summer fitness opportunities...