Chawanna is a native San Antonian enjoying being back home after living in other parts of the U.S., Brazil, and Switzerland. When she's not laughing and joking with her two awesome children and husband, Chawanna develops curriculum for a New England educational nonprofit and serves as Executive Director of Single Seed Enrichment School, Inc., a small local educational nonprofit she founded in 2016. Chawanna's passions span many areas, but K-12 education definitely rules all others. Known as Dr. Chae to her students, families, and colleagues, Chawanna splits her time between her supportive family, volunteering as a K-12 tutor, serving on the Board of Directors as the Curriculum Chair for New Leaders Council-San Antonio, and leading the new Single Seed Micro-school.

Kindergarten Anxiety a Year in Advance

Next school year, our precious little angel will be a kindergartner. It's not our first kindergarten rodeo, but it is my first time feeling pressure to choose the perfect school for her. What's worse is...
mother with two children smiling

Being the Mom That Works for Me

I have a very close relationship with both of my children. Their dad always tells me, “It is obvious that our children adore you.” Despite this realization, I cannot help but feel some deficiency...

Delaying My Child’s Digital Footprint

For the past couple of years, our son has mentioned wanting a cell phone. Many of his classmates (in grades 5–6) have a smartphone, so naturally, his interest continues to grow steadily. I have...

Setting Boundaries As a Mom

When I was around 13, my mother went on a mini-vacation without us. At the time, I recalled that being the first time she had ever done something like that for herself. I could...

Yes, My Husband Parents Our Children: Normalizing Active Fathers

I’ve had multiple conversations about our society’s tendency to praise fathers for completing tasks that mothers are often expected to do without acknowledgment. This includes combing daughters’ hair, changing diapers, bathing children, attending parent-teacher...
little girl holding bubbles

Parenting Without Interference: Letting Our Little Ones Learn and Live

Children have no shortage of imagination. Whether it's exploring the many ways to use a cardboard box or translating a few scribbles on a page into a fascinating story of space cowboys, we can...
Family posing in front of Cinderella's castle

A Disney Surprise

On December 25, 2017, my husband and I decided that Christmas 2018 would be at Disney World. We'd both only been once, about seven years ago, when we took our oldest. That experience (during...

Date Nights In the City

It's so incredibly easy to become absorbed in parenting and adulting that we fail to make time to enjoy life with our significant others. I'm definitely guilty of "not having time for fun." But,...

Being Friends with Your Child(ren): Yea or Nay?

Very recently I came across a Facebook post about mothers and their daughters that struck me. The author was a mother sharing that she didn't like that some mothers tell their daughters, "I'm not...

Parenting with Intention

Sometimes the weight of my children's future paralyzes me. Hundreds of questions swirl around in my head making it difficult to remain calm: Who will they become? Will they thrive without us around? How do...