Celina is a “professional volunteer” serving on multiple nonprofit boards and advisory groups. In her former life she started a nonprofit, which she left last year in the most capable of hands where it continues to thrive. In another past life she was a host and reporter for Texas Public Radio. She’s a “native” Texan and life-long San Antonio Girl. She attended school in Chicago where all she did was talk about how great Texas is. Her husband, Luke, is her high school sweetheart and the most supportive spouse you’ll ever meet. They have two children whom words can’t currently describe, but keep reading and you’ll get a pretty good idea who they are becoming.

So, You Married Your High School Sweetheart?

It’s a common question asked of couples: So, how did you meet? I suppose our answer—"we dated in high school"—isn’t as common as one would think. According to one online survey, our circumstance describes...

Pretty in Pink: How children’s clothes and toys engendered stereotypes and why it matters!

"I want to be a princess when I grow up!" exclaims my three-year-old daughter, "O." Those few little words cause my heart to sink as I feel a collective SMH from my post-feminist peers....

Best Laid Plans: Thoughts on a Growing Family

From the day my second child was born, this question popped up as frequently as any other: Will you have another? I couldn't help but immediately think about Kevin Bacon's hazing scene in Animal...