Raised here since the age of five by “yankee” parents transplanted by the US military, Cara was brought up with a strong sense of appreciation for the unique culture of San Antonio and a deep love for the innate beauty of the Texas Hill Country. In 2015 she met the love of her life at the practically ancient and unmarriable age of 35. (Obviously a ridiculous sentiment, but tell that to an unwed 35 year old.) As she laid eyes on her now wife, she knew instantly that this person would change everything about the trajectory of her future. Many happy years later she is a stay-at-home stepmom (lovingly referred to as CaraBee) to two big-hearted, fun loving, interracial teenage boys. Motherhood came in a different package than it does for many, but Cara knows in the depths of her soul she gets to parent the two kiddos that were intended for her. She and her wife help to raise them with their very, very amicable modern family. Favorite Restaurant: The Point Park and Eats Favorite Landmark: Mission Trail Favorite San Antonio Tradition: JAZZ'SALIVE

Spark Up Some Romance This Spring

What do The Pandemic, working from home, and a freak winter storm in Texas have in common? If you guessed the ability to put a damper on the romance in your relationship, then you're...

Tips to Start Juicing for Health

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The Beauty in What Burns

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Lunches During Virtual School

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kids hiking

Making Hiking Fun for the Whole Family

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Quarantine as a Catalyst for the Rest of 2020

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Dating My Spouse in San Antonio

While it’s possible that my lenses are colored by the fact that I met the love of my life here, to me there’s no better city than San Antonio in which to date your...