Candice Curry is a born and raised San Antonio mother of 6. She and her husband escape their kids by taking backroad drives in the Texas hill country seeking out the best whiskey and coolest antiques. When she grows up she wants to own an ice cream truck and travel around Texas selling ice cream and french fries with her family. Candice's first book is officially on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or you can get your copy now here .

The Quest for a Modest Swimsuit

Can we all agree that summers in Texas are just brutal? I think the temps reach something like 276 degrees. I'm surprised the water in our pool doesn't boil. When summer hits Texas flock...

I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

My husband and I are celebrating nine years of marriage this year. Those of you with double-digit anniversary numbers are probably rolling your eyes at me, and those of you with one or two years...

Choice Words: Why I Want to Cuss Out My Children

I love to see my friends' Facebook posts about their children's latest accomplishments or the funny thing they said. I adore when they post the letter their child wrote about how her mommy is...

Top Five Reasons You Should Turn Off Your Cell Phone

My family faced some heavy losses in 2014. We lost my step-dad in January, my father-in-law in May, and my husband's brother in December—all sudden and devastating losses. Needless to say, we weren't exactly...

Pro Martial Arts :: A Unique and Fun Experience for Kids

As parents to five children, my husband and I try to foster their individual interests and allow them all to participate in activities that are unique to each of them. They play soccer, volleyball,...

Becoming a Mom of Triplets and Joining the NICU Club

"Wait, there's another one." "Another what?" "Another heartbeat. It's triplets. You're having triplets." Out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband shoot out of his chair and bolt to the bed I was lying...

Honest Advice for a New Mom

My brother came to me with a concerned look on his face when we brought our first daughter home from the hospital, just days after she was born. "So, they just let you take...

Gone are the days of Z Cavaricci: I am officially “Modest Mom”

I took my 14 year old daughter clothes shopping this past weekend and I survived.  So did she. I'm thinking about having Survivor t-shirts made. Excuse me while I date myself, but back when I...

Autism: We Don’t Whisper My Daughter’s Diagnosis

On June 22nd, 2010 a sweet lady slid a piece of paper across the desk to me and my husband. After days of testing we were finally going to have an official diagnosis. I...

A Morning in Motherhood: Finding Joy in the Chaos

My internal alarm clock is set for 4 am, although I often mentally snooze until 4:30. I require some "me time" with a cup of coffee before the kids get up because after that...