Amanda R.

Amanda is a native Texan who spent a few years in the Boston area. Newish to the stay-at-home mom gig, she’s mother to an eight-year-old wilding and a five-year-old diva. When not trying to herd those cats, she runs a doula agency, Journey to Motherhood (@motherhoodsatx), and works as a San Antonio birth doula and childbirth educator. She has been married to her husband for almost nine years, which also means learning the ways of being a military spouse. Upon his return from his first deployment in their relationship, she surprised him by proposing to him when she finished her first half marathon (more like she held up a ring and he said yes). Their honeymoon was a babymoon (ehh) to Italy, followed by another deployment, building a new home, and having another child. Much time at home is spent cultivating a medicinal and vegetable garden (she’s a modern hippie), reading all kinds of books (everyone is a book nerd), crafting cocktails (because yum), documenting shenanigans and social activism on Instagram (@optimisticheathen), and holding spontaneous dance parties in the living room.
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You Peed on a Stick and It’s Positive: A Pregnancy Refresher

So you peed on a stick and it’s positive for pregnancy. Now what?   Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already birthed a human or have a little human around you who calls you some...
san antonio restaurants to order during quarantine

San Antonio Delivery or Curbside Options for March

Looking for alternative dining options while we're home for a few weeks? Here's a running list of some local restaurants offering San Antonio delivery or curbside service in and around the area as of...

“Why Is Daddy’s Vulva on the Outside?”: Resources for Talking to Your Kids About...

Hey, there. Before I get rolling on this post, I want to acknowledge the following: You should find a comfortable place to sit to read this, with a comforting beverage. We’ve all been taught...

How to Interview Your OB to Be Part of Your Birth Team

Yes, you read that right. You should interview your OB for your upcoming birth to be a part of your birth team. Sure, this provider has been there for you through annual pap smears,...

Alamo City Moms TASTE: The Rio Grande Cocktail Recipe + a Texas Bourbon Lesson

Unpopular opinion: to me, bourbon is more Texas than a frosty margarita. It’s a Texas sunset on the last summer night, the feel of well worn leather boots, and the comfort and complexity of...

Score Big This Summer with Post Cereals and MLS!

Growing up on the border in Eagle Pass, I remember being able to see fútbol matches on the field that butted up to the Rio Grande's edge from our car as we drove through...
san antonio domestic violence resources

How to Help a Friend: San Antonio Domestic Violence and Abuse Resources

Scroll down to go straight to the San Antonio domestic violence resources at the end of this post. A few jobs ago, I worked with a young woman with whom I eventually became friends. We...

Oh, Honey, That Stress Will Kill You

"Oh, honey, that stress will kill you." This is what the emergency room nurse said to me while completing my intake. It is not hard to see that the past two years have increased...

Five Days in West Texas: A Real Family Vacation

In case you weren’t aware, many of us are big fans of West Texas (see this post and this post as examples). It’s beautiful, wide open spaces as far as the eye can see,...

Breastfriends, Assemble!

In my previous post, I outlined the benefits for babies who receive breast milk as much as possible. Today I want to talk about breastfeeding in how it relates to us mamas. Thinking about breastfeeding...

Family Meal Planning, Not So Simple: Cook the Book!

Before children (BC), I thoroughly enjoyed cooking. I scoured magazines (pre-internet) for interesting eats and browsed shelves at bookstores for something that would make me salivate. I didn’t plan out meals; I planned out...
books to help prepare for a new sibling

Books to Help Kids Prepare for a New Sibling

During my pregnancy with my second child, not a day passed that I did not freak out. I have to push another human out of my body. I wave to wipe another butt. What...

Breast Milk: Every Ounce Counts

Alamo City Moms Blog is partnering with Texas WIC to bring you information about their web site,, and additional resources to help moms along their breastfeeding journey.  Preparing yourself for all the things...

I’m Gonna Be (2000 Miles): The Summer After High School Graduation

Two days after graduating high school, I sat sullenly in the passenger seat of my mother’s car as we passed the city limits sign. I clutched my Walkman tightly, loudly blaring the mixtapes crafted...