CAST Schools: Connecting Students to the Career of Their Dreams

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Connecting students to international travel opportunities, industry mentors, paid internships, industry certifications, and real-world problem solving, CAST Schools are reinventing the high school model as they help make students’ dreams a reality and prepare kids for their most aspirational career goals.

“We knew right off the bat that this wasn’t a normal high school,” said Christian, an aspiring engineer and CAST STEM student who said he believes the school is putting him “on a fast track” to college.

CAST STEM, a tuition-free high school in Southwest Independent School District, offers career pathways in engineering, advanced manufacturing, energy and power, and global logistics. The school, like others in the Centers for Applied Science & Technology (CAST) family, has direct partnerships with more than a dozen industry partners, including CPS Energy and Toyota Texas Manufacturing.


CAST will feature four standalone high school campuses by 2020. CAST Tech, its flagship school, opened in 2017 and offers pathways in business, computer science, IT, and user experience. CAST Med, opening this year, will connect students to careers in the medical, biomedical research, and public health fields. CAST Lead, opening in 2020, will be the first high school in the city to offer a career pathway in e-commerce, and will also connect students to leadership and management positions in the retail, hospitality, and tourism industries. The Advanced Learning Academy, a pre-K–12 academy, focuses on fostering a wealth of thinking, problem-solving, creative design, and real-world applications.

All CAST Schools still have a few seats open and are continuing to enroll incoming 9th and 10th graders for the 2019–2020 academic year. Click here to apply today!

All CAST Schools are tuition-free public schools that accept students through a lottery process and give students an opportunity to graduate with up to two years of college credit and industry certifications. With a mission to reinvent education to maximize options for students, CAST Schools help prepare young people for the jobs of the future.

Through hands-on, project-based learning and a large network of industry partners at their fingertips, students are constantly exposed to opportunities beyond the classroom.

Amir Samandi, mentor coordinator at CAST Tech and the founder and director of Summer of Service (SOS), just recently returned from a student diplomacy trip to San Antonio’s sister city, Darmstadt. Two CAST Tech students, Araceli and Alena, accompanied him. When asked about his favorite part, Samandi talked about how the students were able to sit in a private room with the Mayor and City Council of Darmstadt, Germany. Araceli was able to ask “intelligent and thoughtful questions about homelessness and immigration” that left Samandi feeling extremely proud.

“CAST Tech really understands that traditional education is changing, that careers are changing,” said Brianna Dimas, chief operations officer at the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She added that her niece Emily “thrives in the nontraditional environment that CAST Tech has set up,” connecting her to industry opportunities.

“What I learned in the real world is that project-based learning works better because life is a series of projects,” said Adam V. Ratner, Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives at the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine.

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