The Grand Opening of Brain Balance Achievement Center ~ San Antonio {Sponsored}

Last week Alamo City Moms Blog had the opportunity to celebrate the Grand Opening of San Antonio’s Brain Balance Achievement Center. This new resource, brought here by local momtrenpreneur Amanda Petter, is part of a network of centers designed to help children with Neurobehavioral and Developmental Disorders, including ADHD, Autism, Aspbergers, Dyslexia, Learning Disorders, and Tourette’s.

BB mission

Dr. Robert Melillo founded Brain Balance Achievement Centers in 2003 after seeing a rise in ADHD in his community and among his son’s friends. He has spent the past 20 years studying and creating a holistic approach to supporting children with brain-based disorders. Dr. Melillo’s program is centered around Hemispheric Integration Therapy (H.I.T.) and includes assessment to discover what issues a child is facing. The Brain Balance team then carefully analyzes the data and creates an individualized program consisting of academic and sensory-motor activities.

melillo and momBrain Balance San Antonio hosted area moms and Dr. Melillo for a question-and-answer session. A variety of topics were discussed and Dr. Melillo talked about his belief that the brain is a muscle and can be re-trained. He highlighted the scientific studies upon which this program is based and answered specific questions from mothers with children diagnosed with autism. After detailing the research he has done regarding how the brain develops and how his therapies have helped children all over the country, one mom commented how thankful she was for giving her hope.

There were many other activities and celebrations over a two day period. Children that are currently in the Brain Balance program were included in the ribbon cutting. It was clear how deeply the staff members care for each and every child with whom they work. Dr. Melillo presented a lecture to parents about his books and his experiences with children in 54 centers. There was a mixer for families and a nutrition talk at Whole Food. All in all, it was a fantastic kick off and we are happy to share this resource for San Antonio moms and children!


You can learn more about Dr. Melillo and Brain Balance Achievement Centers here. There is information about the San Antonio center on its Facebook page. If you are a parent interested in learning more about this program, you can contact the center by calling 210-620-7378 or emailing [email protected].

Lindsay is the co-founder of Alamo City Moms Blog. A native New Orleanian, Lindsay found her way to the Alamo City via her husband, Steven, who is a born and raised San Antonian. She is a mom to three young children. Lindsay earned her B.A. in Psychology from Rhodes College and her M.A. in Early Childhood Education from UTSA. She was a preschool and first-grade teacher for 10 years and is now a Reading Specialist and Dyslexia Therapist.