Alamo City Moms is partnering with TxDOT to share information about the Save Me with a Seat campaign. This is a sponsored post. 

Parents know that we are transporting the most precious of cargo every time we drive with our kids. We also know that installing a child car seat is not for the faint of heart. Finding the right seat for your child’s age and size and determining when it’s time to be rear-facing or front-facing, coupled with the acrobatics and strength it can take to install a car seat into a car, can frazzle any of us. A child car seat inspection by a certified technician ensures that your child is safely secured in your specific vehicle. September was Child Passenger Safety Month and its the perfect time to schedule a free child car seat inspection with TxDOT!

Visit and enter your ZIP code to find the nearest location for a car seat inspection. During this scheduled 20–30 minute inspection, parents and caregivers will learn how best to secure a child’s car seat in their vehicle, which seat(s) are best for the size and age of their child, and all-around vehicle safety. Consider scheduling an inspection for anyone who transports your child: grandparents, babysitters, and family members. A properly installed child car seat or booster is the safest place for a child to be in the car. The peace of mind these free inspections can provide is priceless.

TxDOT wants to keep our littlest Texans safe and give parents the assurance that their child is as safe as possible in their car. Click here for more child safety resources from TxDOT.

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