Diaper Ninja Adventures with All Good Diapers

Alamo City Moms is pleased to partner with All Good Diapers to bring you this sponsored content.

I remember the first diaper I ever changed on my daughter. It was the longest two minutes ever and I thought I might have damaged her for life. Not because anything bad happened, but because I started thinking about all the things a new parent thinks: Did I wipe her well enough? Did I fasten the diaper too tight? What about the newborn belly button rules? Was that even the right kind of diaper for her? I had no clue and felt overwhelmed by the unknown. 

That was eight years ago – before I was a certified diaper ninja. Three kids and one million diapers later, I can change a diaper standing up, in a full tantrum, on the move, and post-blowout. If it can come out of a little body, I can handle it. I never realized this was such a right of passage as a parent, but it definitely is. 

One of my most memorable (cold sweat-inducing) diapering adventures with my middle child was a solo flight with him when he six months old. It was time to change him and there is nothing like the required diaper plane change (and waking a sleeping baby) to make a mom start sweating. To shorten a very long and very dirty story, I had managed to change the blow out of the century sitting on a plane toilet whilst holding an unappreciative, unhelpful baby upright who couldn’t stand on his own. I was on cloud nine and most definitely earned a new diaper ninja rank. 

These days, my third baby gives me a literal run for my money. He is always on the move trying to keep up with his siblings (massive FOMO) and do all the things the big kids do. Sitting still isn’t an option and diaper changes feel more like calf-roping at the rodeo! For him, especially, it’s important to have a diaper that doesn’t budge while he plays.

The stories like this one are on a list eight years long. Knowing the ins and outs of diapering becomes like second nature to a mom. As a result, I have a specific set of requirements in the diapers I choose for my babies. Finding the right diaper is no small feat and for three different little bodies, each fit needs to be just right. So, I tried them all and decided on the best fit for my kids. It’s amazing to have a company like All Good Diapers provide so many different options for those tiny, growing bodies in all the phases and stages of your diaper adventures.

All Good Diapers have an incredible way of making sure your baby is secured and comfortable in their diaper (which inevitably makes you, the parent, feel secure and comfortable in your choice). From that snuggly newborn stage to the toddlers who just won’t stop, All Good Diapers have the ability to keep your baby moving throughout their day. All Good Diapers are free of fragrance, elemental chlorine bleaching, parabens and latex. 

And the best part? All Good Diapers has partnered with Feeding America to donate a day’s worth of diapers to a family in need with every box you purchase. How cool is that? So, not only are you putting your baby in hypoallergenic, fragrance-free diapers, you’re helping someone else do the same. It’s worth it for your baby, it’s worth it for your wallet, and it’s definitely worth it for bettering our community.

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